Things I Love Thursday: Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close, Good Book And Good Movie

extremely loud & incredibly close

I ditched the family the other night and went to the theater. I watched “Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close”. Wasn’t disappointed at all with the differences between the movie and the book. There is a part in the book where Oskar finds his Dad’s handwriting in an art supply store on those little papers they have next to pens so you can test them out. That’s one of my favorite parts of the book because it’s a big piece to the puzzle. Even though it wasn’t in the movie I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. A little more narration from Oskar would have been nice because it would have filled in a couple of small gaps for the people that haven’t read the book. Oh, and I was hopeful, but I just knew the part about the old man that lives in the apartment above Oskar wouldn’t be in the movie. And it wasn’t, but I love that part in the book. Of course, one must be realistic. If they put every scene in the book in the movie it would be six hours long. At least. Anyway, I thought the movie was great and when I was walking home I was trying to figure out what I would say about it when I walk in the door and Coral asks me if I liked it. What I came up with was this. It’s not that it was “cool” or “funny”, even though there are cool and funny things in the movie, but to really pin it down I’d have to say, simply, that it’s just a really good story. That’s it, plain and simple. It’s a really good story.

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