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korg ielectribe for ipad

I finally read the manual for this thing. At first I thought I could figure it out by pressing buttons here and there. That worked for a little while, but I knew there was a lot more to it that I wasn’t getting. All the knobs and lit up buttons are just so exciting to look at I skipped the whole reading the instructions thing. Because of that I end up opening the app once every couple of months, get frustrated and turn it off. My musical background goes no further than “Hey, I like music”, so that’s been a problem in the trying to make music department. Maybe people with some musical background have the know how to start pushing buttons to figure it out, but not me. Today I watched some You Tube tutorials and reviews and that helped a little bit. Tonight I read the manual and I feel like I’m getting a much better understanding of this complicated machine. Yes, I’ve made a couple of awful beats, but they are for my ears only. If I make anything worth sharing I will get a Sound Cloud account and upload it there for all to hear.

For a person like me who likes music and has always wanted to dabble a little in it the Korg iElectribe seems like a great place to start. The actual Electribe can set you back about $500. Keep in mind, that’s just the machine. You still need speakers and whatnot to hook it up. The app, on the other hand is only $20. That’s the kind of dabbling I can get behind. It would suck to spend $500 just to see if it’s something you’re into only to find out that you hate it. $20…not so bad.

Read all about it in greater detail at http://korg.com/ielectribe.

If any of you are already using the iElectribe I’d love to hear stuff you’ve made with it. Feel free to send me links or post them on my Facebook Wall.

See ya!
– Jeff

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