Super Stoked On The Hand Stylus

the hand stylus and ipad doodle

Four months ago I helped back a Kickstarter project for The Hand Stylus, which ended up getting an amazing $313,491 total in pledges. To look at that another way, it equates to approximately 7,500 orders. I guess nerds know a good stylus when they see one. I finally received mine last week and I couldn’t be more happy with it. This is the third stylus I’ve purchased and it far surpasses the first two I owned.

It’s certainly sparked a newfound interest for me in making iPad art (more accurately referred to as “digital finger painting”), which I probably haven’t done for the past three to four months. Now, I can’t seem to stop. I’ve been taking the iPad and Hand Stylus with me everywhere I go.

pac-man eyes

Why is the Hand Stylus so awesome?
First, because I said so.
Second, for me the main selling point was the 4mm tip. There were some other features that sounded great on the Kickstarter video, but nothing as good as having the smallest stylus tip on the market. Now that I have the stylus in my possession all those extra features put Hand in a class of it’s own. The retracting tip, the weight, the hexagonal barrel, knurled collar, the feel of the anodized aluminum…it feels so solid in your hand and is above and beyond quality. The creator, Steve King, thought of everything and his attention to detail has created the best stylus on the planet. Thanks, Steve!

Read more about The Hand Stylus and order yours today at

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3 Responses to “Super Stoked On The Hand Stylus“

  1. Coral says:

    This is such a man-post.

    All this stylus mumbo jumbo is the art nerd version of guys who talk about hunting and Nascar.

  2. Coral says:

    But I’m so happy that you’re happy. 🙂