Elliott’s New Tricks: DVD Changing And Gate Climbing

Elliott likes to take his body to the limits. He’s constantly testing his skills to see what he’s capable of. He also gets a kick out of almost giving his mom a heart attack.

elliott's other new trick

This first one is actually from about a month ago, but I never posted it. He doesn’t quite change the DVD’s, but he certainly knows that they get inserted into this machine somehow. Last week he pushed the DVD player over the edge of our TV stand. I have to say I’m quite impressed with our DVD player. A movie was playing while he pushed it and nothing happened at all. No disk skipping, no power turning off, nothing broke, it just kept on playing Gnomeo And Juliet that same way it has 10,000 times before. Let me tell you, that kid is lucky. Who knows what we would have done to the little bugger if he had broken it. And if he had scratched our Gnomeo disk…oh boy!

This next trick just started last week.

ellliott's new trick

It’s been suggested that we add barbed wire to the baby gate*. Not a half bad idea, but Coral came up with something a little more friendly. She turned the baby gate around so there is no cross bar for him to stand on. Give it time though, he’ll figure out a new way to Rambo over this thing.

*Although I would love to take credit for the “Barbed Wire Baby Gate”, it is actually the brainchild of Jacob Lacey. Don’t worry, he’s a nice guy and I highly doubt the barbed wire baby gate will ever go into production no matter how good of an idea it sounds like.

– Jeff

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2 Responses to “Elliott’s New Tricks: DVD Changing And Gate Climbing“

  1. Lauren says:

    Oh! That cute little monkey! He’s so clever!