Weekend Art Challenge Conquered: Turkey Hands

Gobble gobble!

Here are all the turkey hands submitted this past weekend for the “turkey hand” art challenge. I hope you enjoy them!

turkey hand
Mine ended up being a turkey head with what appears to be four finger puppets.

My seven year old niece, Brooklyn.

kendra lewis
Kendra Lewis
See more of her work at http://indigogumby.deviantart.com/

justin binyon
Justin Binyon
instagram: http://instagram.com/justb72777

taylor bender
Taylor Bender
instagram: http://instagram.com/taylorbender

leah grantham
Leah Grantham
blog: http://cheerupoldbean.blogspot.com/

ashley marie
Ashley Marie
blog: http://littlewillowtree.wordpress.com/
I was super stoked to see Ashley sew a turkey hand.

Nicely done, everybody!
Thanks to all of you artists for joining me on this silly turkey art adventure!

And thanks to the rest of you for checking out the blog!

Gooble! Gobble!
– Jeff


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