My Lady And My Baby

Some photos from the last few days.

my lady
Coral asked me to take some photos of her for her latest blog post. I really liked this one because the idea was that she would be covering her face with the book, but I got a little sneaky and took this in between “book closed” and “book open” shots. Also, she liked it enough to use it in her blog post, but our edits of the photo are totally different, which is fun to see.

my lady and my baby
Mom and son just strolling down the sidewalk.

my lady and my baby
That is not a monkey on her back. It’s a bear. Grrr!

my baby
Elliott eating an orange right off the tree. Hey, why not? I almost didn’t post this because I am very critical about feet being cut halfway off. It’s like, “Hey! Couldn’t you just tilt the camera down a teensy bit to get the toes in there?” Contrary to popular belief, I’m not Annie Leibovitz.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

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4 Responses to “My Lady And My Baby“

  1. Coral says:

    YOU’RE not Annie Leibovitz?


    I… think I want my… money back.

  2. Lauren says:

    Love the subject matter!