Sometimes You’re Going To Suck. Get Over It.

When you’re a kid you aren’t scared to suck at something. When you’re an adult you are embarrassed to suck so there is a lot of stuff you don’t try. You expect to be good right away and forget that the only way to get good is to practice and work through the sucking phase.

ira glass

If there is something you really want to learn and be good at, whether it be drawing, cooking, cartwheeling, kissing, selling cars, playing guitar, sewing, public speaking, skateboarding, whatever…you need to accept that you will not be good at it in the beginning. If you REALLY want to get good at something it is worth devoting time to it because the time you invest will not be wasted and is way better than living with regret.

Now get out there and suck at something! Before you know it, you’ll be good at it.


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