Fiasco Gallery Grand Opening

I think this might be my “official” announcement about Fiasco Gallery. I’ve been hitting the social media outlets pretty hard about it (find us on the IG and the FB), but I think I’ve only slightly brushed upon the topic here on the blog. Anyway…

A few months ago my bushy bearded art buddy, Neal Breton invited me to join him in sharing a studio space in Paso Robles at “Studios On The Park“. Since closing the doors of my gallery in SLO a year ago and having recently moved to Paso Robles it was a no brainer. If I didn’t say yes I would have felt like a big dum dum.

The space is a working studio, meaning we can be found there painting, drawing, resin coating prints, making buttons and all the other artsy things we do. That’s right, catch us in action, people. In addition to working in the space we are open to the public four days a week and have a lot of our artwork and merchandise for sale. You get a great mix of working studio/ art gallery happening and it’s constantly evolving since we work in there. As soon as we finish a new painting it gets hung up on the wall and is ready for a collector to snatch it up, take it home and stare at it in awe of our genius for years to come. It’s awesome.

The space is an old auto repair shop that’s been converted into about eight different art studios shared by twenty or so artists. I don’t know the exact numbers, but it’s a fun environment to work in and as an art fan you can expect to see an eclectic mix of artwork.

August was the “getting our feet wet” month, and now that our feet are fully submerged we are inviting you all to check out what we’ve been up to and what we have in the works.

This Grand Opening is not a traditional “art show” as we haven’t been hoarding all our new work for the past six months for a big red carpet, wine and cheese unveiling. We certainly do have new things to show you, but we also have some big pieces that are in progress. I’m working hard on my Puzzle Painting and Neal just started painting two giant 4′ x 7′ canvases.

We’d love to see you all and have you join us on this new adventure we’re embarking on in this town we’re not too familiar with, but are getting to know and love. Well, we don’t love the 90-100 degree days, but who does. Other than that Paso Robles is growing on us. We’re like the new kids at school this Fall, but we haven’t been too bullied yet.

The Fiasco Gallery Grand Opening will be on Saturday September 7, 2013 from 6-9pm at:
Studios On The Park
1130 Pine St.
Paso Robles CA

Be sure to like us on Facebook and RSVP on our Event Page.

Yes, this is a FREE event. Party!

See you soon!
– Jeff


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