Music Monday: I Think I Like You by Donora

Sometimes I just like cute songs.
To check out more Donora goodness visit their site at

That’s all.

– Jeff


4 Responses to “Music Monday: I Think I Like You by Donora“

  1. I LOVE Donora! They are from Pittsburgh so before I moved they were like a local band to me! The first time I heard them was at an art show I was in called Liquid Sundays. Their music is a perfect match for my soul. <3

  2. Scott says:

    Random: My family used to own the Anstandig Market (grocery store) in Donora… which I’m told was either close by or right next to the ice cream shop in “Donora’s” video. I’ve been meaning to contact the band and see if they know of any connections. Cool stuff, and great song.

  3. jeff says:

    That’s awesome!