3rd Annual Group Show At Vale Fine Art In Paso Robles CA

Stoked to have been included in this awesome show at Vale Fine Art! Of course, when you’re biz partners with the curator it helps a bit to get your foot in the door. Thanks, Neal!

This show is only open for two more days before it comes down. If you’re on the Central Coast I highly encourage you to check this out in person. Seeing art off the computer screen is a much better way to experience it.

The final days are this Friday 5-9pm and Saturday 6-9pm (April 18-19). It’s totally free to see the show and the artwork available is all one of kind originals. As in, no prints or reproductions and prices range from $125-$2200.

Curator extrodinaire, Neal Breton. He only agreed to this photo if I let him wear his sunglasses. Yeah, he’s a total diva. Shhh, don’t tell him I said that or he won’t invite me to be in any more art shows.

(Fox paintings by Neal Breton.)

(Deer painting by Neal Breton.)

(Yes, that’s me eating my son’s ear on my bio.)

In my opinion, Walt Hall totally stole the show with this amazing installation.

(Some of Walt’s pieces are priced as low as $125, which is a total steal for an original painting. Seriously, get on that.)

(By Walt Hall)

(Awesome painting in the front window by Bret Brown.)

(By Bret Brown)

(Awesome “toy paintings” By Josh Talbott.)

(Here’s a funky angle for you of Josh’s installation.)

(Central Coast superstar Lena Rushing.)

(By Lena Rushing)

The back of the gallery features the amazing work of Edward Walton Wilcox. Here are a couple photos of Edward’s work.

Once again, you only have two more days to see this show before it comes down, April 18 5-9pm and April 19 6-9pm. Neal put A LOT of hard work into this and it really shows. Do him a solid by making the trek to Paso Robles to check it out.

– Jeff


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