Texts With Neal

A while back Neal asked me the best way to get in touch. Probably because I am horrible at responding to emails in a timely manner and I hardly ever answer my phone. Texting, I told him, would get the fastest results. However, I still sometimes take a day or more to respond. After asking me something a few days ago he decided to make fun of me, which I’m all for. Please, ridicule me all you want. He started off asking me if I would be at a meeting and I never responded. Here’s how that went down.

I know, I know…reading other people’s texts can be just as mundane as being forced to hear other people’s dreams, but my Kumbaya reference made me laugh out loud. And sharing things I laugh at makes for a blog worthy of winning awards and shit.

I’ll try to outdo myself in the next post, which shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. Until then…


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