Copy Of A Copy Of A Copy Or Something Like That

The other night I found this awesome drawing of one of my owls on Instagram. Yeah, so I searched for myself on IG…let’s not make a big deal out of it.

As soon as I saw this I instantly knew that I had to draw my own version of it. Which means I wanted to draw my version of Kennedy’s version of me. Does that makes sense? I think it does. At least it makes sense at night when the sleep delirium kicks in.

I’m calling him “Donut Owl” because my brain is too mushy to think of a better title. He’s 5″ x7″ and is the first drawing I’ve made using a brush pen. I’ve been curious about these brush pens for years. A friend of mine showed one to me and within less than a minute I decided it wasn’t my cup of tea. I was already too deeply in love with the combination of paint brushes and jars of india ink to let a dumb brush pen steal my heart. Who needs that love triangle? Not me! Fast forward to present day when I have a 3 year old and it’s a totally different story. Sometimes I have to work in spurts because of all the distractions like getting cups of juice, making sandwiches, wiping his butt and searching the house for a missing Lightning Mcqueen car. Not to mention all the “Dad, watch!” and “Dad, come here” things that consist of him pointing at the dog, showing me a booger, having me kiss an owie and so many other mundane things my head is starting to spin just thinking about it. It’s taken me over 30 minutes to write this paragraph because of similar things. A minute ago Elliott asked me to watch him as he put a laundry basket over his body transforming himself into a turtle.

Boogie noses and makeshift turtles aside…
If you are interested in Donut Owl he’s $25 and available in my shop. Also, if you ever come across any Claassen inspired art let me know. It would fun to have a series of these.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

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