The Veggie Slicing Instrument

When it comes to spelling and grammar Coral is a master. Every once in awhile I get her though and it’s both shocking and glorious to me. The fact that Coral dropped an f-bomb only proves that she knows I was right, but tried to play it off.

The sad truth is, she was actually right. Again…
damn it. But here’s the thing, how clever is the wordplay in the title of this post? Yeah, I did that all on my own with no help from little miss word slinger. You see, the mandolin is an instrument for making music. The mandoline is an instrument to slice veggies. Either way, you are talking about an instrument. Seriously though, why am I even talking about this? I’m so sorry you wasted your time with this nonsense. On the other hand, maybe you learned something here tonight and that would be pretty cool. Thank me later.

– Jeff


2 Responses to “The Veggie Slicing Instrument“

  1. Coral says:

    Everything about this is embarrassing.

  2. jeff says:

    Especially the fact that you left a comment.