How Do I Have Any Twitter Followers: A Revealing New Report

I’m not much of a tweeter. At times I want to be and this past week I’ve been hitting the Twitter pretty hard. Just now I checked out my analytics and it’s no surprise that the more active I am the more active others are with me. Seriously, a dog with a smart phone could tell you that much. However, I came across this “Audience Interests” chart and it makes me wonder how I have any followers at all.

The term “art” doesn’t show up anywhere and I would estimate that 99% of my tweets are art related. So, I have to ask myself, “Where did this dog loving audience come from? Where is my audience? Where are the art fans?”

Conclusion: If I want to build a better relationship with my Twitter audience I need to write posts about tech savvy dogs at music festivals.

Second Conclusion: Twitter probably isn’t the best place for me to sell my artwork.

Third Conclusion: I should consider painting dogs instead of sad girls that look like they got beat up.

That’s it for now.
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– Jeff

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