I Love A Good Bad Parking Job

This is so good.

I’ve been collecting bad parking photos for years. I just can’t help myself. When I see a bad parking job I just have to photograph it. I think this one is especially good. When you are responsible for a parking job like this it says one of two things about the person behind the wheel. One, this person does not give a fuck. Or two, this person should no longer be allowed to operate a motor vehicle, but they’re doing it anyway. And in my opinion, both are pretty badass.

Here’s the thing, unless you are drunk or blind there is no way you step out of this vehicle and not know how bad of a job you did at parking. To walk away from this situation fully aware of how much you screwed up is crazy to me. It’s that special kind of crazy that is almost admirable. You almost have to look up to this person for their total disregard to social norms and common sense manners.

From here on out, make a deal with yourself. If you are going to park bad, park REALLY bad. Park bad enough that it’s photo worthy. Who knows, you might have the honor of being immortalized on this blog.

Good luck!

– Jeff


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