Late Night At The Hardware Store

Oh snap! It is 11:28pm, which means I have 32 minutes to write this blog post or else I will fail Blogtober. I’m really not sweating it though because, let’s face it, I could literally click “publish” and this would be my whole post for the day. Yea! I’m a winner! Where’s my Blogtober prize?

I wouldn’t do that though because I’m not a little bitch. The truth is, I’ve been working on blog stuff and I lost track of time and am now editing photos and typing as fast as I can. So…

I’m working on a few paintings and got to a point with two of them where I did not have a color I wanted. Normally, I just roll with the punches in this situation and make the best use with what I have. I just didn’t feel like doing that tonight. Sometimes rolling with the punches is fun and inspiring because I’m forced to use something that’s not my first choice. Tonight, rolling with the punches felt more like settling, in a bad way, and I don’t want to settle. So, this blog is about my impromptu trip to Home Depot.

I left work at 9:30pm and headed to the hardware store.

Oh my goodness! Will you look at that? Have you ever seen anything more delicious?

UPDATE: It is now 11:40pm. I need to think and type faster if I’m going to pull this off. Ok, go!

I picked out two new colors and also got two colors I’ve had before that I needed more of. Check these beauties out.

The purple one is called “Wizards Potion”. How do you pass that up? You don’t! The pink one is “Strawberry Freeze” and the other two have boring names, but they sure do look great. Anyway, this was not planned out at all, but those four colors actually make a pretty sick color combination that I’m excited to use as soon as I can.

The nearest Home Depot to me is in Atascadero and it’s really hard to go to Atascadero without swinging by this palm tree place.

Now I’m back at work and ready to get some more painting done. It’s going to be a late night.

– Jeff

Oh, here’s one more shot of all the fun colors you can get at Home Depot.

Whew…that just makes my heart go pitter patter.

Ok, see you tomorrow!


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