Spiderman, Chillin’

Oh, Elliot is at it again. If I remember correctly, he requested that I visit his room for a surprise. And wouldn’t you know it, when I walked into his room I was surprised. There was Spiderman, just chillin. From what I can gather, Elliott lent Spidey his Einstein shirt and camo sweat shorts. And without being asked to borrow my stuff, Spidey was proudly wearing my hat. For some reason he had my keys and he also had a GoPro remote velcroed around his wrist. That GoPro thing was very surprising because I hadn’t seen that remote in a long time, which means Elliott fished it out of the depths of my closet. I’m actually glad he found it. His curiosity (or nosiness, as some call it) has paid off. Oh, Spiderman was also reading a book about dolphins. All in all, just a regular day.

When was the last time you played dress up?

– Jeff


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