You Tube Shorts Are All The Rage

Hello, Internet. I hope you’ve been well.

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here, but damnit…the inactivity is only because there are 38 other social media things to post on. Keeping up with them all is just impossible. In case you never visit my YouTube Channel I am making this post specifically so you can watch all the snazzy things I’ve uploaded over the last few months or so…or year. I mean, you could just go to the YouTube channel, but you’re already here where it’s nice and cozy, so grab yourself an ice cold sarsaparilla, sit back, and enjoy watching the paint dry. Here we go!

This first one is me painting a trucker hat.

This next one is from when I painted about 20 little 3″ x 3″ canvases last year.

Then there was that time I hand painted old paint cans.

These were not as big of hit as I was hoping. Maybe it’s just me, but I totally think that everything I make will sell within minutes of putting it on Instagram. The video goes kind of quick, so if you’d like a better look at them click here.

I made this video for 7 new paintings I released on the same day.

Drink up! Here’s a series of paintings on wine stained paper.

Here’s a quick backstory for the videos you’ve watched so far. I started 2022 off with a bang. Full of that New Year Enthusiasm I tasked myself with a very ambitious goal to release a new series or art product of some sort every 2 weeks. It was going great and the goal made me stay focused and super productive. I managed to pull off 12 of these “Art Drops”, which is to say that I made it all the way to June 22, before I stopped. During that time I only missed one drop and that can be blamed on poor planning since I was out of town for a week long vacation. I should of done mail art where I send hand drawn postcards to people from wherever I was. Anyway…the big ambitious goal came to a dead halt when I decided to make a coloring book. That was one project I could not pull off in two weeks time, so I ditched my biweekly art drops for an even bigger project. If we’re Facebook friends or you follow me on Instagram you must be sick to tears by now hearing about this darn coloring book. It’s pretty much all I’ve posted about since August 2022. Ok, moving right along. More videos!

Here I’m working on an acrylic ink piece and yes, this ended being a page in the coloring book.

Of course, you can’t forget the “Painting On Paint Swatches” thing I do from time to time.

Making some coasters.

This one is from awhile ago, but I did a new edit of the video so I could post it as a YouTube “shorts”, which, like the title of this post says, is all the rage.

Naturally, another painting on a paint swatch. This one has over 900 views on YouTube, which is super good for me there. Even better, for some crazy reason, but totally acceptable to me, is that it has over 15k views on Instagram. I guess the algorithm really liked me that day.

Remember all that talk about the coloring book? Well…

Me digitally coloring a page from the coloring book. The story with this one is that I had an unfinished painting, but I liked where it was going and wanted to put in the coloring book. Since finishing the painting would take too long I simply photographed what I had done, sent the photo to my iPad, and then drew the character digitally in black and white. After the book came out I started coloring some of the illustrations because it’s super fun and also to show people that a digital coloring book is a real thing that actually works.

This last one is a little perplexing, but also an interesting look at social media. I’m not talking about the content of the video. It’s simply me peeling a vinyl sticker off a wood panel to reveal one of my little characters. The social media BS I’m referring to is the fact that on YouTube this video has only received 29 views since it was first uploaded in January 2022 and on Instagram it currently has 9,415 views. Those numbers aren’t even close to being close. It makes zero sense to me, but if I was a social media manager or self proclaimed social media guru I would use this video as an example of why you “need” to post on multiple platforms to get your word out. Enjoy!

Hopefully that was fun for you. I know I had a good time. Until we meet again…

– Jeff


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