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New Painting And Video: A Fine Frenzy

(* Disclaimer: Although the title of this post is “New Painting And Video” the truth is that the painting was made last summer, but it is new to you and to this blog. With that said, let’s continue.)

I don’t talk much in my videos. Or at least I try not to because it makes me cringe when I have to watch/listen to myself when I’m editing video. Anyway, how this painting came to be is very interesting to me and I wanted to share the story. If you’re only here for the video then feel free to scroll down and skip all this gibberish. If you’re a loyal reader/voyeur of this blog you might remember my “Secret To Selling Art” post from last August (I can’t even remember what I ate for dinner last night, so if you remember my blog posts from 11 months ago you should seek professional help.) Well, the story of this painting is even crazier than the story about the painting from that post. In the chance that you don’t know, I am a bit obsessed with stories about synchronicity or, for the layman that’s not referencing Wikipedia while typing their blog trying to appear smarter than they actually are, “meaningful coincidences”. That’s right, coincidences do not exist. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes we don’t understand the reason, but let’s not get into that here because it’s a rabbit hole best saved for another day. I’m also quite fascinated with the butterfly effect. I think the two theories work hand in hand to some extent. Anyway, enough psychobabble, let’s get on with it already.

Back in 2008-2009 my sister and her husband opened a pizza restaurant. One of their employees, Amy, liked my artwork. Well, let’s be honest, ALL of their employees probably adored my artwork 😜. Fast forward 10 years or so and Amy walks into my shop in Paso Robles. We chit chat about Pizza Fusion and whatnot. I have this canvas print on the wall called “Gone But Not Forgotten” and she tells me it would look great in this black and white themed room in her house.

She wants to buy it, but it’s not quite what she’s looking for. She wants something bigger and vertical and, if possible, with a little gold added for fun because the room she wants to hang it in has some gold accents. Naturally, I said I could paint her one.

And that’s how a commission painting comes about. Some of them take 10 years to happen and others happen in 10 seconds. Here’s a time lapse of making Amy’s painting.

Bored yet? No? Well, shit…let’s just keep this thing going, shall we? So, what does this have to do with synchronicity? Remember, “synchronicity” means “meaningful coincidence”. You would never think that my sister and her husband opening a pizza restaurant would result in me getting a commission job 10 years later. Amy walking into my shop was not just a meaningless coincidence. Synchronicity was at work here. It had been years in the making and I find that incredibly fascinating.

Is there a lesson to be learned here? Probably. As cliché as it sounds, good things can come from anywhere and they can be totally unexpected. I think the lesson here is to continue to put yourself out there. Being an artist can be frustrating and it’s easy to get jaded when things feel like they are not working in your favor. I can’t tell you how often I think of deleting my Instgram account and my YouTube channel while spiraling in a fit of frustration. But, I don’t because I remember stories like this one and remind myself that we just never know when something we do (like meeting somebody 10 years ago) will have a positive impact (getting commissioned to make a painting) on us later.

What are your thoughts or crazy stories about synchronicity? I’d love to hear them.

Thanks for reading!
– Jeff

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The “Sing To Me” Girl Needs Glasses

My friends over at Uber Optics asked if I could add “big nerdy black frames” to the girl on my “Sing To Me” greeting cards. Of course I can!

I hand painted nerdy black frames on 25 of these cards. Fun stuff.

Check out Uber Optics on the FB.

And if you have any ideas or custom requests for my art please let me know. I’ve hand painted everything from skateboards to lamps to truck tailgates and once a vintage antique clawfoot bathtub. I’ve even painted a few pet portraits.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

Commission Portrait For Shawn And Shadi

I just finished this portrait a few days ago. Painting portraits isn’t something I usually advertise, but every so often I get asked to do one. When I finished this one I was like, “Hey, these are fun to do!” And now I want to do more of them, so if you’re interested please let me know.

Here’s the source photo that Shawn sent me.

From that photo I made this sketch before I started the painting.

When I first started getting asked to paint specific things like a portrait or paint a pet I always felt the need to explain that it might not look exactly like the photo because I’ll turn it into my style, but now I realize how silly that is because turning it into my style is exactly why people are asking.

Right now I’m working on a more detailed post about commission portraits with a size/price list as well as numerous examples of past commissions. Be on the lookout for that in a day or two. If you can’t wait, no problem…just send me a message.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

Christmas Commission: Five Bunnies For Cadee

Cadee is a true patron of the arts. She might have enough of my work to open her own “Claassen Gallery”. Ten days before Christmas I get an email from Cadee asking about getting some bunny paintings for her nieces. After a couple of ideas were tossed around we agreed that watercolor on paper would be the best.

The nice thing about painting on paper is that it eliminates the 4 days of drying time I need to allow for the resin coating to fully harden on the paintings and prints I make on wood. With Christmas ten days away we really didn’t have much time, especially when you calculate the shipping time for that time of year.

We also went with 5″ x 7″, which is a standard frame size.

I should tell you a little story why I was asked to paint these in the first place. It’s a flattering story, but also funny. Cadee’s nieces asked their mom if they could get bunnies for Christmas and were told no. Smart girls that they are asked Auntie Cadee, who doesn’t say no to anything, for bunnies. At this point Cadee was threatened, “If you get my kids bunnies I am getting your kids goats!” And this is the flattering part. Cadee thought, “What’s the next best thing…Claassen bunnies!”

So, there you have it. It’s just that easy to get artwork made specifically for you. I am usually pretty open to taking on projects like this. If you ever see something of mine that you’d like, but has already sold or maybe it’s not the colors you like, let me know. I’m sure we could figure something out.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

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Batch: The Ready To Order Sign

how to order, after

The awesome and amazing ice cream sandwich shop in town, Batch, has been good to me.

A couple of months ago they commissioned me to paint them a “How To Order” sign because customers were a little confused by the process. I’ve done a lot of commissions, but I’ve never done one quite like this. Their flavors and options change daily so the chalk feature works out great for them. Here is what they originally had.

how to order, before

And the new hotness.
how to order, after

They also serve root beer floats. YUM!

See ya!
– Jeff

PS. If you’re in need for some artsy commercial work let me know.

Custom Buttons: iiiDesign And San Luis Art Supply

It’s been a button week.

custom buttons for iii design
I made some buttons for graphic design agency, iiiDesign, a couple of days ago.

custom buttons for san luis art supply
And this morning I made some buttons for San Luis Art Supply.

If you need buttons made let me know!
100 buttons for $30!

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

New Painting: Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

Adam and Sara, soon to be newlyweds, have been supporters of my artwork for years. When they asked me to paint a bride and groom for them I felt honored and happily accepted the challenge. This isn’t so much a portrait of them as it is my own interpretation of a bride and groom. And I think it might be one of the cutest paintings I’ve even made.

They also asked me to make some custom magnets of the painting so they can give them as gifts to their wedding guests.

Custom Magnets for Adam and Sara

I’m always interested in new commission projects, so if you have anything in mind hit me up.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

Now available as a limited edition print! Details.

Custom Macbook Cover

Back in April I was commissioned to paint a cover for a Macbook. How could I say no to that? I couldn’t. However, I can certainly procrastinate blogging about it.

macbook cover

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

Custom Buttons: Jason Hudson Tattoo Artist

100 buttons for jason hudson

I made some buttons for central coast tattoo artist Jason Hudson.

Fun stuff!

Custom iPhone Case

Here’s the latest phone case I was commissioned to paint. For this one I had a couple of “rules” to follow. It was requested that I use USC colors, red and gold. The other request was to add “Gamma Phi Beta”. I attempted to add the USC Trojan logo, but it was way too detailed to fit on a phone cover so I painted a little owl.

hand painted phone case.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

Custom Buttons: Callahan Heart Safe Project

300 buttons for heart safe project. the most buttons i've ever made in one sitting.

My friends at iii Design hired me to make 300 buttons for Callahan Heart Safe Project.

This was the most amount of buttons I’ve ever made in one sitting.

If you’d like to get some buttons made for your organization or band or any design you can think of let me know. You can order online right here:
100 Custom Buttons
50 Custom Buttons

If you have any questions please use the contact form.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

Now Offering Handmade Wallets With YOUR Custom Design

I’ve been making wallets for awhile now and from time to time people have asked for custom ones with their own graphics. I’ve done a few, but it’s never been something I’ve advertised…until now!

I am offering three different options.

custom wallets now available
If you only need one wallet for yourself or to give as a gift then this is the best option. Some gift ideas are a favorite photo (pet, family, band), drawing, painting, funny slogan, etc. Have fun with it.
$24 each, plus shipping.
For more info or to order please visit:

custom wallets now available
The Six Wallet Package: This is also a great option if you want a couple of wallets for yourself or to give as gifts. If you are interested in reselling your wallets this is good option to get your feet wet. I sell my own wallets for $16 each. This package won’t give you the best markup, but if you just want to experiment with reselling before investing in the bigger package it’s a good place to start.

$10 each, plus shipping.
1 design, 6 wallets.
For more info or to order please visit:

custom wallets now available
The Twelve Wallet Package: This is the best option available if you plan to resell your wallets. I’ve had no problem selling my own at $16 each. If you have something to promote like your business, band, artwork, photography this is great way to get your name out there. Give them away to select clients as a useful promotional gift (as opposed to something they throw in a drawer for six months and then toss in the garbage), resell them at events or online, or simply give them out as presents to friends and family.

$8 each, plus shipping.
1 design, 12 wallets.
For more info or to order please visit:

Here are a few samples of custom wallets I’ve made.

custom wallets for ambission clothing

custom wallets for howard forbes

custom wallets for andy mold

Here are examples of my own designs to show you some different ideas of what you can do with a wallet.

Dayler Wallet - Fuzzy Logic

"keeping watch" - new wallet!

Dayler Wallet - Elliott Smith

Dayler Wallet - A Plethora Of Liberty Statues

Graphic Design, which could be better described as me just messing around with Photoshop:
Dayler Wallet - Space Guns Reversal

Dayler Wallet - 8mm

If you would like some wallets made with your designs let me know. And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Please use the Contact Form or leave a comment on this post.

Thanks much!