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Sweet Deal: Buy Two Wallets Get One Free!

5 New Wallets

I’ve still got a BUNCH of wallets with our old name on them that I need to get rid of before I print a slew of new ones with the new name/logo. So…

This weekend only: BUY TWO GET ONE FREE!
Simply add 2 wallets to your cart then leave a note for me during the checkout process with the name of the third wallet you want. It’s that easy.

Place your order at:


To sweeten the pot…
If you share THIS POST on FB your name will be put in a drawing to win a FREE wallet. What are you waiting for?


If that link doesn’t work, you might have to first “like” my FB page.

Dayler Wallet - You And Me And Everything In Between

Dayler Wallet - Space Guns Reversal

Dayler Wallet - Elliott Smith

wallet production 07

I have A LOT more of designs available. To see them all and to order please visit:

Thanks for looking!

Now Offering Handmade Wallets With YOUR Custom Design

I’ve been making wallets for awhile now and from time to time people have asked for custom ones with their own graphics. I’ve done a few, but it’s never been something I’ve advertised…until now!

I am offering three different options.

custom wallets now available
If you only need one wallet for yourself or to give as a gift then this is the best option. Some gift ideas are a favorite photo (pet, family, band), drawing, painting, funny slogan, etc. Have fun with it.
$24 each, plus shipping.
For more info or to order please visit:

custom wallets now available
The Six Wallet Package: This is also a great option if you want a couple of wallets for yourself or to give as gifts. If you are interested in reselling your wallets this is good option to get your feet wet. I sell my own wallets for $16 each. This package won’t give you the best markup, but if you just want to experiment with reselling before investing in the bigger package it’s a good place to start.

$10 each, plus shipping.
1 design, 6 wallets.
For more info or to order please visit:

custom wallets now available
The Twelve Wallet Package: This is the best option available if you plan to resell your wallets. I’ve had no problem selling my own at $16 each. If you have something to promote like your business, band, artwork, photography this is great way to get your name out there. Give them away to select clients as a useful promotional gift (as opposed to something they throw in a drawer for six months and then toss in the garbage), resell them at events or online, or simply give them out as presents to friends and family.

$8 each, plus shipping.
1 design, 12 wallets.
For more info or to order please visit:

Here are a few samples of custom wallets I’ve made.

custom wallets for ambission clothing

custom wallets for howard forbes

custom wallets for andy mold

Here are examples of my own designs to show you some different ideas of what you can do with a wallet.

Dayler Wallet - Fuzzy Logic

"keeping watch" - new wallet!

Dayler Wallet - Elliott Smith

Dayler Wallet - A Plethora Of Liberty Statues

Graphic Design, which could be better described as me just messing around with Photoshop:
Dayler Wallet - Space Guns Reversal

Dayler Wallet - 8mm

If you would like some wallets made with your designs let me know. And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. Please use the Contact Form or leave a comment on this post.

Thanks much!

Time For A New Space Guns Wallet

Last week I sold a Space Guns wallet to Michael, who included this note with his order:

This is my second space guns wallet I am getting from you (bought one on 07 and it started to fall apart after about a year starting with the clear plastic credit card holder) but I loved it so much I’m getting a second as a replacement. I’ll probably end up getting the black version from you once this replacement lives out it’s life.


Awesome, I thought. If somebody buys the same product from you twice you know they really like it. A few days after I sent the new wallet off I received an email from Michael with this side by side picture of his new and old wallet.

Dang! That thing took a beating! I hardly even recognize it as a wallet.

I Have 5 New Wallets Waiting To Get Into Your Pants

5 New Wallets

It’s been over a year since I released new wallet designs. I guess I’ve been busy changing diapers or something. Anyway, I am very happy about these. Two of the designs are from newer paintings, two are from slightly older paintings (but have always been a favorite) and one of them was actually from a table I painted.

Allow me to introduce you to…

"keeping watch" - new wallet!
“Keeping Watch”
order online at

"sassy seahorse" - new wallet!
“Sassy Seahorse”
order online at
This is the one that came from a painted table. I changed the colors from the original, but feel free to take a look at it. Oh yeah, I also had to flip the image around so the seahorse would appear on the front of the wallet when it’s folded.

"the gang" - new wallet!
“The Gang”
order online at

"wistful desires" - new wallet!
“Wistful Desires”
order online at

"sing to me" - new wallet!
“Sing To Me”
order online at

That’s it in the way of wallets for now.
Thanks a lot for taking a look!

– Jeff

New Collaboration With STENZSKULL

Dayler - STENZSKULL Collaboration

Super stoked on this new collaboration with my good buddy, STENZSKULL! He made the design and I sew the wallets. This is a limited edition of 25 so act fast.

These wallets can be purchased at either one of our etsy shops:

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

Dayler Handmade Wallets

Dayler Wallet - Compliments Don't Pay The Bills

It’s present buying season! If you’re looking for a unique gift check out my line of handmade wallets. Each one is handmade in the middle of the night when I’m sleep deprived and driven and possibly consuming donuts while listening to Patton Oswalt.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

Hunter S. Thompson

I made a new wallet for the Dayler line!

Dayler Wallet - Hunter S. Thompson

Yep, Hunter S. Thompson!
$15 each, more photos and purchase info at

FREE Shipping! Offer ends in two days!

A Shelf O' Wallets

Free Shipping on all items from the DAYLER shop!

This offer ends December 7, 2009 at 11:59pm.

Dayler currently has 35 handmade wallets to choose from! Great for Christmas gifts (wink wink). Check out the entire line at

For some ideas here are the top three selling wallets. If you’re an Elliott Smith fan or know somebody that is then this one is right up your alley.

Dayler Wallet - Elliott Smith

For more info about the Elliott Smith Memorial Wallet or to purchase click here.

Coming in at a close second is the Space Guns wallet.
Perfect for any nostalgic toy buff.

Dayler Wallet - Space Guns

For more info about the Space Guns Wallet or to purchase click here.

In the last year the third top seller is No Reason, which is super awesome because it’s a limited edition wallet done in collaboration with one of my favorite artists, Kendra Binney. Only 40 of these were made and each one is signed and numbered by Kendra.

Dayler Wallet - "No Reason" - Collaboration with Kendra Binney

For more info about the No Reason Wallet or to purchase click here.

To see all the designs available visit and be sure to order before midnight on December 7, 2009 to take advantage of the free shipping offer.

Thanks for looking!

Get Up And Stay Up!

Dayler Wallet - Get Up And Stay Up, dedicated to all the graffiti writers

“Get Up And Stay Up”
This is my latest edition to Dayler and I’m super stoked about it! I think it’s a must have wallet for anybody that has ever had any interest in the art of graffiti.

And I’m happy to say that it’s available online at

Thanks for looking!

Is That A Wallet In Your Pants!?

Dayler now has 32 designs available in their line of handmade wallets! Here are a few to whet your pockets appetite. For all 32 designs check out the entire line at

Etsy: Your place to get Dayler Handmade Wallets

Thanks for looking!

Dudes That Sew Are Rad

I made four new wallets based on paintings from the LOVESICK show and I finally have them available online. I haven’t put them on my site yet, but they are available in the dayler etsy shop.

Dayler Wallet - Fuzzy Logic
“Fuzzy Logic”

Dayler Wallet - You And Me And Everything In Between
“You And Me And Everything In Between”

Dayler Wallet - Demetri The Curious Octopi
“Demetri The Curious Octopi”

Dayler Wallet - Keeping Secrets
“Keeping Secrets”

And that’s all my news for now.
I hope you all have a wonderful day!
– Jeff

etsy anniversary

I totally missed it, but a day late isn’t the end of the world. January fifth was the two year anniversary for my etsy shop. Not my main art one, but the one I have set up for Dayler (my line of handmade wallets).

Here’s a little preview of some of the designs I have.

Etsy: Your place to buy dayler handmade wallets

It’s been a good two years. Etsy is the awesome!

Anyway, December was amazing. The gallery was super busy and I’m still on a high from it all. Things are now calming down a bit and I’m anxious to work on some new projects.

I wish you all a prosperous 2009!