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New Beginnings: Timed Edition Print Available NOW!

Yesterday I released a new timed edition called “New Beginnings”, which is a print of the first painting I completed in 2014.

“Timed Edition” means this print will only be available for a very limited time and the edition size is determined by the number of prints purchased.

I experimented with this last month and had a decent outcome so I thought it would be fun to try again. This time around I launched it as a project on Kickstarter, so if you would like to order one of these please visit:

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

Kickstarter: Like Eddie Murphy, We’ve Got 48 Hours


That’s right, our deadline countdown has turned from “days to go” to “hours to go” and we’ve got 48 of them, just like Eddie Murphy.

If you’d like to help out in making the project happen here is a list of goodies available to purchase, all of which will go towards bringing “The Puzzle Painting” to life.

– Digital Badges
– Bottle Opener Keychain
– Sticker Pack
– Greeting Cards
– T-Shirt
– Card Case
– Wallet
– and of course, the actual original paintings that will be The Puzzle Painting. Available in the following sizes:
– 4″ x 4″
– 6″ x 6″
– 8″ x 8″
– 12″ x 12″
– 16″ x 16″

The project has been fully funded for a couple of weeks, but that doesn’t mean to stop contributing. The $4000 goal is the minimum amount needed to make the project happen. Anything extra will just make the project all the more awesome. If you haven’t already, please check out the video to learn more about The Puzzle Painting.

There is A LOT more info on the actual Project Page.

And check out this fancy widget to see where the project stands right now, in real time.

Please spread the word about this project by posting this link:
throughout your social media outlets like facebook, twitter, tumblr, google+, pinterest, your personal blog, etc.

Thanks, Everybody!!!
– Jeff

Kickstarter Update: New Rewards Added

I am so incredibly excited that my project has been fully funded. Although, now that it is fully funded it no longer feels like my project. It is now OUR project because you are the ones that have made The Puzzle Painting become a reality. Because of that I have decided to add a couple of bonus rewards in limited amounts. What are the new rewards? I’m glad you asked. I’ve added card cases and wallets using the same graphic that’s on the T-shirt. Check it out…

“Let’s Kick It Card Case”

“Let’s Kick It Wallet”

There are only 20 available for each. Hopefully, they sell out in 10 seconds like a Taylor Swift concert. Oh wait, I’m not a pretty young blonde that sings pop love songs.

If you’ve already backed the project and would like to add one of these to your pledge simply add $12 for the card case or $17 for the wallet. There has been some confusion with backers changing their reward when they decided to add an item to their pledge. Trust me, it’s much easier to keep the same reward and just add the extra amount. Also, just so you know, the reward you choose is not set in stone. Once the project deadline happens and the funds are released I will send out a survey asking you exactly what you’d like. If you have any questions please visit the project page and send me a message.


Thanks Everybody!
– Jeff

Kickstarter: The Puzzle Painting Is Fully Funded!

fully funded!

This weekend was very exciting because “The Puzzle Painting” reached it’s funding goal of $4k! Yes, I did a few cartwheels and squealed like a little girl at a Taylor Swift concert. Thanks to all of you that have backed this project and shared it with your friends.

The really cool thing about reaching this goal early is that we still have 17 days left to continue to raise money for the project, which is great because the whole idea was to make a HUGE painting. The more people that back the project the bigger the painting will be.

If you would like to support the project, but don’t want a piece of the puzzle there are some other fun things available like an exclusive bottle opener keychain, sticker packs, greeting cards and also an exclusive t-shirt design.

Check out The Puzzle Painting project at:

Please keep sharing the link on your social media outlets like twitter, google+, facebook, tumblr, etc.

Thanks again!
All of your support really means a lot to me!

– Jeff

Let’s Kick It! Exclusive Kickstarter T Shirt

ink on paper

I haven’t had shirts made in about 3 years. Mostly because I had to put my printer in storage. I thought it would be fun to offer an exclusive shirt as part of my “Puzzle Painting” project. This time around I’ll get them printed by The Shirt Peddler, which is a local SLO business. They’re good people.

I made the above drawing for the shirt graphic and it’s already been sold on Kickstarter, but I’ll be taking orders of the actual shirt for the next 17 days. This is exclusive to backers on Kickstarter, so the only way to get one is to order it before May 23, 2013.

Let's Kick It, women's

I love soft tees and I’m sure you do too, so I will be using the Tri-Blend Tee from American Apparel. It’s probably my most favorite shirt of all time. This will be a two color (black and white ink) print on Athletic Grey tee. It will be available in men’s (size xs, s, m, l, xl) and women’s (size s, m, l, xl). Once the campaign ends I will post an update with specific sizing information so you know what size will be best for you.

Let's Kick It, men's

If you’d like to get in on the action and pick up a shirt or two please visit When you click that link you’ll see all the “reward” options on the right side of the screen, including the shirt.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

– Jeff

Getting Closer Everyday

almost there!

After toying around with this idea for so long I’m super excited to have finally launched the thing. And even more excited that people have come together to help support it by picking one (or multiple) rewards and sharing the project on their social networks.

The way Kickstarter works nobody will get anything they pledged for if the project isn’t fully funded. So, please keep sharing and spreading the word!

Thanks, Everybody!

– Jeff

Early Bird Special For 12″ Square Painting Almost Sold Out

early bird

Hello All! I am offering five 12″ x 12″ pieces of the puzzle at $115 as an “early bird special”. Once these five sell the price will be $140. As of this posting (April 29, 2013) there are only two left. If you want in on this action please make your pledge on my Kickstarter project.

The way things are unfolding it looks like this project will get fully funded, which makes me super excited. Like I’m doing cartwheels kind of excited.

Thanks so much for the support!
– Jeff

Ten Reasons Zach Braff And I Are The Same Person

If you haven’t figured this out on your own yet, I’ll just tell you. Zach Braff and I are the same person. The similarities are as uncanny as they are plentiful. Let me run down the list for you.
1. Zach was born in New Jersey. I was born in San Jose.
2. Zach is 38 years old. I’m 35.
3. Zach wrote, directed and acted in Garden State. I watched Garden State.
4. Zach was Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher when he caught a kid tagging his Porsche. I used to sell spray paint in my gallery.
5. Zach has worked with Natalie Portman and Method Man at the same time. I worked with a guy once that would clock in then just go home.
6. Zach has hosted Saturday Night Live. The last time I watched Saturday Night Live “live” was probably junior year in high school.
7. Zach was the star of a TV show called Scrubs. I was the star of my 8th grade play and I have no idea what the name of it was.
8. Zach has over 1 million Twitter followers. I follow close behind at just over 800.
9. Zach opened a restaurant in New York City called Mermaid Oyster Bar. I went to New York one time with my friend Ryan.

As you can see, the similarities are endless, but the fact that we are the same person couldn’t be more evident than now. And that brings us to number…

10. We both launched a Kickstarter campaign this month. He’s a writer/actor/director so his project is, obviously, to make a movie. I’m a painter so my project is, obviously, to make a painting.

I’m looking at this as a friendly competition among buddies.

the claassen braff comparison

27 days from now let’s tally up our funding to see who wins. Honestly, I think he has a chance to beat me, but this early in the game you never know what can happen. If you only back one project this month make it this one. Good luck, Zach.

See ya,

Kickstarter Tuesday: The Puzzle Painting By Jeff Claassen

Yes, I am promoting my own project! I’ve been sitting on this idea for about year and I’ve finally launched the sucker. It just went live this morning and I’ve got 30 days to raise $4000. You can read all about “The Puzzle Painting” at

Whether you can help out by picking up a reward or sharing the link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your blog, etc., any support for this will be greatly appreciated.

– Jeff

PS. I’m just going to warn you now that I will be promoting the S out of this for the next 30 days. Hugs and kisses.

Kickstarter Tuesday: Mixcard Postcard Mixtapes

kickstarter tuesday
(Alfred Megally, co-creater of the Mixcard)

I am totally and completely obsessed with Kickstarter! I’ve spent so much time on the site looking at so many different projects that I figured it would be wise to turn all the time I’ve spent there into content for my blog. In truth, now I can call my incessant browsing “research”. See, it’s now justified. With that said, I’d like to kick off my first “Kickstarter Tuesday” post.

Last night while cuddling up with the iPad and a late night peanut butter and jelly sandwich I came across one of those projects where I think, “Damn, wish I would have thought of that.”

I love this idea of mailing a digital mixtape. That alone, is cool enough, but with Mixcard you also get awesome art to stick on the fridge or hang on the wall. It’s smart. It’s fun. It’s clever. And I’m super stoked to see that the project is fully funded with 15 days to go. It’s always exciting to see projects get way over funded.

Huge congratulations to the creators of the project, Alfred Megally and Christopher Chin. Well done, guys!

For more info or to be a backer for this project visit:

See ya!
– Jeff