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2022 Drop #04: Wine Art

This is drop #04 for 2022. I’m trying to do these every other Wednesday. More on the details of that later, but because of poor planning and being out of town I missed the last one. Hopefully, this one is good enough to make up for the loss. Anyway…

I am very excited to have 10 new wine paintings. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed making them. And now for the details.

These are all hand painted one of a kind original paintings on watercolor paper. They are 18″ x 24″ and are all signed and dated on the back. I also write the title on the back. The paper has been stained with wine and all the black lines were painted using an acrylic ink.
These are $100 each, plus $11 shipping, unframed. Sorry…shipping prices have gotten a little out of control. These will ship rolled up in a tube and will be delivered by USPS. You can also choose “in store pickup” if you’d like to come by my shop to save on shipping and pick yours up in person. If you choose in store pickup, please come during our scheduled business hours, which are Wed-Sat. – 11am-5pm.

Ok, enough talking. Let’s see some art!
If you see one you would like simply click the image to order. And remember, these are one of a kind originals, so once they’re sold they are gone forever.

Belle The Kitty – order here

Burgundy Becca – order here

Irvine The Whale – order here

Loopy Bunny – order here

One Too Many – order here

Rehab Month – order here
There’s a little bonus prize for this one. If you can figure out why I made “Rehab Month” the title for this I will send you some free art goodies. Just send me DM on Instagram with your answer: @jeffclaassen

Rosey Rosé – order here

Spencer – order here

Stella – order here

Valerie Vino – order here

And there you have it. 10 brand new wine paintings! These paintings have been my whole life the past couple of weeks. A lot of late nights listening to music and putting ink down on the paper. Thank you for taking the time to look at these. If you order one it will ship out with 24-48 hours.

Also, I’m using my Viva Paso shop for this drop because it’s a lot easier to keep track of things on there.
Thanks again!
– Jeff

2022 Drop #03: Die Cut Sticker Pack With Bonus Art

I don’t know what is crazier. That I have been turning my art into stickers for over 20 years or that I have never made die cut stickers in that 20 year span. It’s no doubt that die cut adds a level of fanciness that any sticker collector can appreciate. Embracing that added fanciness I am happy to add die cut stickers to my repertoire.

To be a proper “drop” I wanted to do more than just a sticker pack, so after tossing around a couple of ideas I thought it would be fun to include a surprise one of a kind original Post-It Note drawing.

In my 20 years of selling artwork I have never offered Post-It Note drawings for sale and I’m not sure if I will again, so this might be your only chance to add one of these to your collection. The drawing will be a total surprise. I probably haven’t even made it yet, but that’s the fun part. You don’t know what the drawing will be, but I can tell you it will be black ink on a 3″ x 3″ Post-It Note. Please keep in mind, you will probably not receive one of the Post-It Notes from the example photo, but I do promise that what you receive will be the same size and done in a similar style.

This sticker/drawing pack is limited to 25.
$16 each, plus shipping.
If you’d like one of these packs please place your order HERE.

This is a list of what you will receive:

1 – “Some Bitch Stole My Lunch Money” die cut sticker, 3″ x 2.23″
1 – “Inez The Bunny” die cut sticker, 3″ x 2.73″
1 – “Puzzled Girl” die cut sticker, 3″ x 2.61″
1 – “Sketchy Pirate” sticker, 3″ diameter
1 – “Sketchy Kitty” sticker, 3″ diameter
1 – One of a kind original drawing on a Post-It note, 3″ x 3″, signed and dated on the back

All of these stickers are:
– Full color on vinyl
– High quality, scratch resistant
– Great for phone cases, water bottles, laptops, bikes, helmets, skateboards, etc.

Thank you so much for the support!

Happy sticking!
– Jeff

* In case you missed the link earlier, please CLICK HERE to place your order. Thank you!

2022 Drop #02: Responsibility Is For Losers Screen Print Bundle

This drop was officially on January 19, but I did the main promotion on Instagram and Facebook. With a new drop coming tomorrow I figured I better mention this Screen Print Bundle before Drop #03 just so these drops don’t get all mixed up. It feels better to keep them posted in chronological order. Ok…so, on with the goods!

2022 DROP #02 – “Responsibility Is For Losers” Bundle!

This is a brand new limited edition print. It comes with a matching pin and 3 stickers.

There are only 10 prints available, so when I say limited, I mean very limited. Each print has a one of a kind spray painted background. No two prints are the same. It’s so fun making prints like this because each one is essentially an original. They all have the same main character printed over an abstract background. To keep the edition cohesive I only used three colors: turquoise, lime green, and black.
Bundle includes:
1 – 16” x 20” limited edition screen print, signed, numbered, and dated on the back.
1 – enamel pin, 1.25” tall.
3 – full color vinyl stickers, 3” diameter
$60, plus shipping.
Available now at

Number 1/10

Number 2/10

Number 3/10

Number 4/10

Number 5/10

Number 6/10

Number 7/10

Number 8/10

Number 9/10

Number 10/10

And there you have it! Thank you so much for taking a look at this new edition. If you would like to order one of these please visit:

Thank you so much for the support! I hope you enjoy this new print as much as I enjoyed making them.

– Jeff

Since it’s been almost 2 weeks since this first dropped I have now made the pins and stickers available individually.
Order pins here.
Order stickers here.

Thanks again!

2022 Drop #01: Some Bitch Stole My Lunch Money, NFT Collection

Kicking off 2022 with a collection of 22 “Some Bitch Stole My Lunch Money” NFT’s!

Each of these NFT’s is a 1/1 minted on the Tezos Blockchain. They are available for 5 TEZ each on OBJKT.

The images in this collection were not created digitally. Each one was created as a one of a kind original art piece. All of these were made on wood panels of various sizes. I’ve used all sorts of media to make these: acrylic paint, spray paint, vinyl cut stickers, stencils, wood stain, and paper cut outs. The original pieces are all coated with a thick layer of epoxy resin. They are now available as 1/1 collectible NFT’s, which means only one of each will ever be minted to the blockchain.

I created this character back in 2004. After I drew it I thought, “this poor little girl looks like she got beat up.” There was something about her that also made me think she was a bit of a badass. Then came the title, “Some Bitch Stole My Lunch Money.” Over the years I’ve used this character for numerous things. She’s been featured on buttons, stickers, keychains, hats, screen printed onto shirts, hoodies, tote bags, pillows and more. She was even printed onto underwear at one point. Around 2019 I started to make new mixed media paintings with her. Some were as small as 5″ x 7″ and some were big 36″ squares. The smaller pieces were vinyl cut stickers over an abstract background and the bigger pieces were paper cut outs adhered to the wood panel the same way a street artist adheres their posters to a wall. Sometimes the paper wrinkles, other times you find a slight rip. Personally, I love this raw and gritty aspect of wheat pasting and it also makes each piece uniquely its own. For this NFT collection I have not altered any of these images in Photoshop. I want the NFT’s to look just like their “in real life” counterparts. On close inspection you can still see these unique details.

This collection will start off with 22 different images to celebrate the new year. I’ll be adding to this collection in the future because I have a lot more paintings I’ve made using this sad little tough girl. And I’m sure I’ll be making some brand new ones in the future.

If you are new to NFT’s and are interested in starting your digital art collection you will need a “digital wallet”. I am no expert, but as far as I know each blockchain is compatible with a different wallet. This collection is on the Tezos Blockchain and for that I use Temple Wallet.
You will also need to buy some Tezos cryptocurrency. For that I use CoinBase. There are several sites where you can buy crypto, but I use CoinBase because when I got started in NFT’s about a year ago that seemed to be the industry standard.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and checking out the collection.