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Sunday Afternoon Up For Auction On Facebook

A couple of weekends ago I wanted to make a time lapse video of making a painting. My plan was to paint the whole thing in one sitting. Both ideas didn’t quite happen, but that’s totally ok. The time lapse idea evolved into a short movie with a couple of time lapse sequences thrown in. I started the painting in my front yard and once Elliott (my 4 year old) saw what was happening he really wanted to get in on the action so the painting turned into a collaboration when he found himself a paint brush. It was very cute and I love that he wanted to join me. Speaking of four year olds, making a 24″ x 48″ painting in one sitting is quite ambitious with one of them around, so the painting took two sitting sessions. I was super stoked to still finish the painting in one day, so I felt quite accomplished. I mean, I have 6″ paintings that sit unfinished for weeks at a time, so making a big painting in a single day felt pretty good.

(Click image to see the video)

This painting is on a 1/4″ thick piece of plywood and has been coated with multiple layers of a high gloss protective finish. If you’ve seen my work in person that is covered in epoxy resin this piece is different. It’s shiny, but not thick like the resin.

I have this painting up for auction right now on my Facebook page. If you’re interested in bidding on it please visit the page and read the full description:

At the time of this posting the highest bid is $50 and the bidding will continue for another 30 hours. The official ending is December 14, 2015 at 11:59pm.

This is a good chance to get a one of a kind original at below gallery price. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Happy bidding!
– Jeff

A Brief Interlude #61 Up For Auction

A Brief Interlude - up for auction

This edition is so close to selling out that I’m getting anxious to find homes for the last remaining copies. This is number 61 out of 100. There are actually only 6 copies left, but they’ve been sold out of order.

I drew a little character on the inside back cover so the winning bidder will get something a little more unique than just a book. There are some other goodies included in the auction as well. There is a photo of the drawing on the listing. If you want to check it out or place a bid please visit:

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

Painting From 2005 Up For Auction

Pretty Please With Sugar On Top - up for auction

This one is called “Pretty Please With Sugar On Top” and I made it back in 2005. Included in the auction is a signed book, a couple of bottle opener keychains, stickers and some buttons. A pretty sweet little package if you ask me.

For more info and to place a bid please visit

At the time of this posting the bidding ends in approximately 5 days, 18 hours.
Good luck!

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

Skateboard Art Show And Auction To Benefit SLO Skate Park

I was asked by The City Of SLO to paint a skateboard deck for this years “Deck It Out” art show at Coalition.

My skateboard will be auctioned off the night of the show with all proceeds going to the SLO Skateboard Park.

If you’d like to purchase this board please go to the event on November 5, 2011 at Coalition.
974 Monterey St
San Luis Obispo CA 93401
6pm – 9pm
Bidding ends at 8:30pm

If you can’t make it to the event you might be able to get your bid in over the phone. Call Coalition to find out, 805.595.1010.

See you there!
– Jeff

Online Auction: Graffiti Board #13

“Authorized Graffiti Board #13″
48″ x 48” – mixed media on wood

If you’re unfamiliar with how these auctions work here is what you need to do.
First, you have to “like” my Fan Page because Facebook won’t allow comments on the photos unless you “like” the page.
Second, read all the information on the auction page.
Third, leave a comment with your bid amount.
That’s it! Be sure to check the page often if you want to keep bidding.

To place a bid on this painting please visit the auction page.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy Bidding!!!
– Jeff

Online Auction: King’s Delight, Drawing From 2000

With the gallery move last month I found some drawings that have never been framed or even displayed. They’ve just been moved from place to place for years and I would really like to find homes for this stuff.

This one is called “King’s Delight” and I drew it in February 2000. It’s 16″ x 20″ and up for auction now on my Facebook Fan Page.

To place a bid on this please visit this page.

King's Delight

King's Delight

King's Delight

King's Delight

For bidding information and to get in on the action please visit this page.

Happy bidding!

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

Auction: Graffiti Board #6


I’m selling another one of our famed “graffiti boards”. This is number 6 in the series. To place a bid you’ll have to check out the gallery’s Fan Page. To bid, simply leave a comment with the amount of your bid.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

Online Auction: Authorized Graffiti Board #4


Over the years I’ve collected a bunch of these boards and it’s time they find a new home, so I have decided to auction them off. This is the fourth board in the series.

To place your bid you need to be a fan of The Claassen Gallery on Facebook. Click here to “like” our page.

Once you like the fan page head on over to the auction page and place your bid in the comments.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

Up For Auction: One Happy Family

One Happy Family

This painting needs a home so I’ve decided to put it up for adoption. I mean auction.

For all the details and to place your bid please visit the gallery FAN PAGE.

Thanks, peeps!
– Jeff

More Than Content – New Online Auction

More Than Content

Yes, it’s auction time! Like the previous auctions you’ll have to bid on the Facebook Fan Page.

This is the first time I’ve put up on auction for brand new work, so I’m anxious to see how this works out. The previous auctions were for older work that I had packed away and forgotten about.

For more info or to place a bid click here.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

The Last Of The Napkins: An Auction

It’s that time again! What time? Auction time!

In September 2009 I collaborated with my friends at Picking Daisies on one of a kind napkins. We made 50 and I’ve been holding on to the last four…until now!

This set of four is up for auction on The Claassen Gallery Facebook Fan Page.

Collab #2 With Picking Daisies - 01.2

Collab #2 With Picking Daisies - 01.3

Collab #2 With Picking Daisies - 07.1

Collab #2 With Picking Daisies - 07.3

For more info about this auction and how to get in on the action please visit the facebook fan page.

Thanks for looking and happy bidding!
– Jeff

Happy Bidding!

where are you, my lady

deconstruction of a drawing from jeff claassen on Vimeo.

Well, it’s time to find a new loving home for this piece. I thought it would be fun to auction this off, but I’m avoiding ebay and doing it through facebook. Check out the FB Fan Page to place your bid!

Where Are You, M'Lady?

Have fun!
And Happy Bidding!

– Jeff