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The Owl Pack And Way More Info Than Should Be Possible For A Pack Of Buttons

It’s been a long time coming, but I FINALLY made a couple of new button packs. The first one is dedicated to the lovely owl, which I’ve enjoyed painting so much the last couple of years.

(click the above photos if you’d like to order The Owl Pack)

For those of you that like INFORMATION, here’s a little for you. I will break down a little history on each of the designs featured in this pack. We’ll use the next photo for reference.

Starting like you read a book. Ha, remember books?! Anyway…

The first owl is from a painting that is barely a week old. It’s so new, in fact, that I actually haven’t resin coated it yet.

The painting is called “I Play Piano”. Why? For one, owls are incredibly gifted with instruments, which is a fun fact most people don’t know. Actually, nobody knows that because I just made it up. As of this typing the original painting is available to purchase. Ok, I’ll tell you…When I finished painting this I was in the studio on a Friday night and there just happened to be a dude playing the piano in there. I figured if he could play the piano then my little owl could too. Lacking fingers, however, I don’t think my owl will ever be as good as the dude.

The second owl in the pack is a little snippet of the painting I did for Batch Ice Cream Shop in downtown SLO.

The third is another little snippet of a bigger painting, which was titled “The Misadventures Of Mr. Montana”. It was painted in March of this year and I’m happy to say that the original sold about a month ago.

Fourth up is “The Mind Reader”. I know it looks a little out of place based on the color scheme, but I wanted it in the pack anyway. This one has a more layered story. Hold on a sec…can you believe there is this much to say about a pack of 5 buttons? Yeah, me neither, but it’s 3:08am, I’m sleep deprived, let’s just keep going. Ok, so this owl came from an original painting too and I eventually used the owl for a sticker design. For this button I went with the sticker version. The circle format of the button did not allow for using the original because too much of the painting got cropped. The original is long gone…I mean, let’s face it, there are serious owl collectors out there. However, the sticker is still available. Click the photo for order info.

Last, but not least, is one of the first owls I ever painted, titled “Cahoots With Me”. Quite possibly, the very first one I painted and it was for my “Lovesick” solo show at the now defunct Alpha Cult in Long Beach, CA back in 2009. Again, it’s kind of a snippet, but not much. The original sold years ago, but the image lives on in the form of limited edition prints, which are actually very close to selling out. If you’d like to order one that would be super sweet and you can do so by clicking the picture.

The print is cool enough, but it really doesn’t compare to being immortalized on skin. Check it!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little walk down owl memory lane. I’m still in shock that this much info exists just to explain a button pack. If you’ve read all of this, thank you very much. I’ve sacrificed eating, sleeping and laying in bed next to a beautiful woman to write it, so I’m glad you stuck it out. I’ve got to have at least one reader out there that finds this somewhat interesting or entertaining, right?

Oh, and please don’t expect a similar post when I start promoting the “Things With Wings” button pack. I don’t know if I have it in me.

As Elliott would say, Nigh nigh!

– Jeff

Custom Buttons: Jason Hudson Tattoo Artist

100 buttons for jason hudson

I made some buttons for central coast tattoo artist Jason Hudson.

Fun stuff!

New Valentine’s Day Buttons

A few years ago I made some Valentine’s Day buttons and they turned out to be pretty popular so I decided to make some new ones this year. Just a little upgrade, if you will. My personal favorite is “Love me! Or I’ll bite your face off!” Did I mention that wearing one of these will almost certainly get you some action this Valentine’s Day. I mean, seriously, who in their right mind can pass up an offer like, “If you take off your shirt I’ll take off mine.”?

Each pack includes 5 buttons total, one of each design.
$5 per pack, plus shipping.

If you’d like to order a pack simply click on the above photo or visit my etsy shop. They are also available in my shop/gallery in downtown SLO.

Thanks for looking and enjoy!
– Jeff