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Death By Karaoke

I just found this photo while digging around my hard drive. Here’s a little story to explain.

Two and a half years ago, Coral bought a karaoke machine. For the kids. At least that’s what she claimed. She was right, the kids loved it. However, once the little monsters fell asleep she would creep into their room, grab the machine and run back to her room. As it turns out, she loved it more. Way more. One night I walked in and was shocked at what I saw. The poor girl had karaoked herself into a coma.

coral karaoked herself to death

August 2010 Window Display

Check out the awesome window painting by Coral. And she claims to not be an artist. I don’t know who she’s trying to fool.

Claassen Gallery Window Display - August 2010

Claassen Gallery Window Display - August 2010

I’m super stoked with how this turned out! Thanks, darling! She keeps pretty private, but if you’re lucky you can catch her blogging and tweeting.

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