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Elliott Attempts To Break Into Mission San Miguel

We took a little family outing to San Miguel today. I took A LOT of photos and videos of Elliott. I even got some more photos of Coral taking photos, but it’s all too overwhelming to edit them all tonight. I did like this one though, so I’m posting it as a preview to a future post. Keeping it short and sweet tonight.

Sweet dreams.
– Jeff

A Couple Photos Of Elliott In Action And A Bonus Rare Sighting

Like most three year olds, Elliott is EXTREMELY busy. If the kid isn’t strapped into a carseat or a high chair he is in constant motion. He doesn’t know what he’s looking for, but he is constantly looking for it. Last week after dropping the big kids off at the airport Elliott and I spent the morning at the playground in Golden Gate Park, which is a must do for anybody visiting San Francisco with kids. Here’s Elliott jumping with more style than David Lee Roth could ever dream of.

On second thought, David Lee Roth might have slightly more style if you consider doing the air splits style, which I don’t. One thing is for certain though and that is the obvious fact that Elliott dresses better.

Living in Paso Robles in the summer means living in the heat. Living in the heat means season passes to The Ravine Waterpark are an absolute must. And if you are Elliott that means owning the crane slide in the kiddie pool. I’ll admit at the beginning of summer he was a bit apprehensive, but once he conquered his fear that crane didn’t have a chance.

Like I said earlier, the kid is constantly moving, but every once in a great while he actually does fall asleep.

And when he does, it is beyond glorious.

See ya!
– Jeff