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Photos Of Coral Taking Photos #1

I can see this becoming an ongoing series of mine. I have already amassed A LOT of photos of Coral taking photos. Some might consider it an unhealthy amount. Others might consider me a stalker. She is much more the photographer in the family than I am, which means she gets to use the fancy camera. Although, since investing in the GoPro I’ll have to admit I’m feeling pretty fancy lately.

Another thing I’ll have to admit is how cute she looks with a camera in her hand. I mean, Dang! She is one hot little cutie! One of the things about Coral that you might not know is that she transforms into a totally different person when she gets a camera in her hand. I’ve seen the transformation take place numerous times and it never gets boring to me. I love watching her work.

I’ve learned that once she’s in her element it is best to step back and let her do her thing. If you get in her way you get trampled, so be on the lookout.

These photos were all taken back in October after spending a day in Cambria. Highway 46 is a gorgeous drive from Paso Robles to Cambria. It can get pretty windy up there, but on a clear day you get a spectacular view of the Pacific and can even see Morro Rock off in the distance. If you find yourself on this drive I highly suggest stopping by Jack Creek Farm and trying one of their delicious Apple Cider Slushies. So good!

Coral doesn’t know I’m writing this and I might get in trouble for it, but oh well…I’m going to say it anyway. She is totally available for photography jobs. I know she won’t do a wedding, but she’s totally up for product shots, possibly some candid style portraits and of course, fashion photography. If you’re interested in hiring her contact her through one of her IG accounts or let me know and I’ll pass on the message.

Check her out on Instagram. She has two accounts at the moment. Her personal account with lots of photos of our kids and some other random stuff. Her professional account. Since May 2014 it is mostly photos of her deer series, which is totally worth checking out, but if you scroll down past May you will see some of her fashion photography.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

Evelyn’s Grand Jete Over The Last Sunset Of 2014

Evelyn is obsessed with dancing. Here she is leaping over the last sunset of 2014 in Cayucos. She’s our tiny dancer. But she keeps getting bigger. She turned 13 last month. THIRTEEN. Anyway…

It was a beautiful sunset and a great way to end 2014.

We Love Happy Acres Family Farm In Templeton

Yesterday we drove down to Templeton to look at goats and ponies at Happy Acres. Since I’m exploring the world of vlogging to spice up my youtube channel I walked around and filmed myself do a little commentary. It will probably take about 100 of these before I feel comfortable in front of a camera. Be sure to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss out on new videos.


Late Night Painting Session – GoPro Time Lapse

When I painted this batch of small watercolor paintings I did it like a nerd with a GoPro strapped to my chest. Here’s how that turned out.

I’m trying to learn video editing and putting that together took WAY longer than it should have. Now that I have five months of GoPro video collected it would be really nice to do something with it all.

All of those painting are still available and in the shop.

Oh yeah, sorry if you got motion sickness watching that.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

A Quick Little Time Lapse Painting A Face

Experimenting with the Go Pro today and just made a little time lapse painting one of many faces on this big piece of wood.

If I get a little more ambitious I might make more of these and longer. Let’s be real here, a 10 second clip isn’t all that exciting. Although, I do hope you enjoyed each and every one of those seconds.

See ya!
– Jeff

Hard At Work On A Tuesday Afternoon

I recently set up a makeshift “studio” in my garage. Since August I’ve done all of my painting at Fiasco, the studio/gallery I share with Mr. Neal Breton. Now I get the best of both worlds. There is something very nice about leaving home to go to work, but in other ways it’s equally nice to stay home and work. Now, like a spoiled little brat, I get both.