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Gene Simmons And Miley Cyrus Together At Last

Normally, I don’t want to hear about other people’s dreams. You know, unless I’m in them. That’s normal, right? And it’s not that I don’t love dreams. I think dreams are amazing. They’re strange and bizarre and often make no sense whatsoever, but they are basically an inside joke that only one person is in on. That’s why hearing other people’s dreams is so boring. However, there are some exceptions. One such exception was a dream Evelyn (10 yr old) told me the other day.

“You know that band with the guys that wear all the black and white make up?”
“Yes, that’s it!”
To be certain we did a google image search and she pointed out that Gene Simmons was the one from her dream.

Evelyn’s dream went something like this.

She was at Trader Joe’s and saw Gene Simmons and Miley Cyrus. The two stars were sharing a cart and pushing it around the store together. Evelyn was so excited to see Miley that she called her best friend Maya and told her what was happening. Maya high tailed it down to TJ’s where the four of them all bought yogurt together.

gene simmons, miley cyrus and trader joe's yogurt

Evelyn says it is the best dream she has ever had.

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