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Elliott And His New Playpen

One of the nice things about the fancy phones of today is that if you can’t explain, in words, to your mother what her grandson is doing you can simply text her a photo.

And she can quickly respond saying how cute he is or adorable or funny, but in this particular case my mother responded with “Your dad says it’s a Redneck Playpen.” Which I would take over “cute” any day.

Old School Sketchbook Doodle Of Mom

old school sketchbook - mom

The other night I was flipping through some old sketchbooks and found this little gem. I drew this one night after finishing a big meal. It was one of those not frequent enough get togethers where you sit around the table for an hour or more after the actual meal chit chatting and, in my case, drawing. After awhile my mom realized she was my subject and I’ll never forget what she said. “You’re not drawing me weird, are you?” Yeah, she knows me well.

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