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Music Monday: Neil Diamond And Why September Is So Special

This post is dedicated to all the lovely people born in September. This is a special month for me because some of the dearest people I know came into the world this month. When you think about it, September babies might be more special than other babies (with the exception of November babies, which were probably conceived on Valentine’s Day) because they were conceived during a very happy time of the year, Christmas and New Years. Of course, some of them could totally be the product of a drunken New Year’s one night stand. Anyway…

I scoured long and hard to find a good song to kick off September with. After rejecting September Gurls by The Bangles, September When I First Met You by Barry White, Pale September by Fiona Apple and September Song by Frank Sinatra (I also listened to the Dean Martin version) I decided to go with Neil Diamond’s September Morn, which was really my first choice all along. You’ve got to love the glitter blazer. And the hair. Oh that hair! Enjoy!

Music Monday: A Brief Intro Into The Fine Art Of Headbanging And My First Band T-Shirt

If I had to blame somebody it would have to be Dave Mustaine. When I was a kid my family picked up and left for the summer like a pack of migrating hyenas. Literally, the whole summer. We would leave the day after school let out and wouldn’t return until a day or two before school started again. Upon returning I realized that I had a lot of catching up to do. Less in the “Gee, I sure missed you” kind of way and more in the “I have no idea who or what Slayer is” kind of way. The summer between 5th and 6th grade saw the most drastic change. In my future memoir it will be the chapter entitled “The Summer My Besties Discovered Death Metal”. While I spent the summer on a lake waterskiing, hanging out with my parents, mowing the lawn, playing chess against myself, drawing on yellow legal pads and watching fireworks from our deck my friends were growing out their hair, mastering the art of headbanging to power chords and memorizing lyrics like “Darkness imprisoning me, All that I see, Absolute horror, I cannot live, I cannot die, Trapped in myself, Body my holding cell.”

My best friend, Sam, showed up to school with a Mega Deth shirt. A very school appropriate one that had a guy, probably a skeleton, squeezing a bird. The birds feathers were all askew and I remember a lot of blood. Probably flowing out the birds eye sockets*. My other best friend, Scott, was wearing Slayer and Iron Maiden shirts.

While I was still rockin’ my Thrilla Gorilla shirt my friends were actually rockin’. In this case to music that scares parents and makes them wonder where they went wrong while they research local priests that have performed exorcisms.

Although I never fully got “death metal” I was totally down with pretending to, which is why I bought this shirt out of the sale bin at Boo Boo’s.

When I got home and showed my parents they were instantly furious. I wasn’t sure what the big deal was. It’s not like I was wearing the stuff my friends were promoting. You know, shirts like…

Anyway, my parents were pissed. They couldn’t believe a store would sell a shirt to a kid that said “Helloween” on it. And that’s when I realized my fatal mistake. The whole time I sat there soaking up their disappointment I kept wondering why they would be so mad about a shirt that said “Halloween” on it. That one letter makes a big difference. Then I felt like an idiot. Of course, my parents wouldn’t be on board with Helloween. At that point we drove downtown to the music shop where my mom made them give me a refund. I should have been more embarrassed by it, but really, all it meant was that now I could buy more Lemonheads (not the band, the candy) and sour licorice.

To this day I still have never even heard a song by Helloween. I may not have acquired an ear for the likes of Mega Deth, Iron Maiden or Slayer, but I did get obsessed with some pretty awesome hair bands that were a lot less hard and a lot more…I don’t know, into frizzy hair and make up. Oh, and wicked sweet guitar solos. I’m talking about Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses, Poison, Warrant, White Snake and Skid Row to name a few.

Yeah, that’s four dudes.

So many bands to choose from, but I have decided to end this post with a Poison video that I almost can’t even watch myself, but couldn’t get enough of as a 12 year old.

– Jeff

* When I first wrote the description of the Mega Deth shirt I tried and tried to find a picture of it and it wasn’t until later, while searching Slayer shirts that I actually came across the “bird getting squeezed” graphic.

No wonder my 6th grade teacher pulled me aside one day and asked me what was going on with my friends.

Music Monday: I Think I Like You by Donora

Sometimes I just like cute songs.
To check out more Donora goodness visit their site at

That’s all.

– Jeff

You Will NEVER See This At An Art Show

If I attempted a stage dive at my next art opening it would simply be labeled “performance art”. There would be no viral pictures or videos of it because who wants to see some art nerd dude belly flop straight onto the floor.* I might get a few claps afterwards. Oh, and a broken front tooth.

*Actually, that could totally go viral on youtube. The clip would at least show up in one of those millions of “Fail Compilations”.

Music Monday: Thrift Shop By Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I first heard this song a few months ago when it started showing up on one of my Pandora stations. It was love at first listen. A few days ago it came on when Evy was in the car, so I had to skip ahead to the next song because I’m a good parent. She only heard a few seconds and was all, “Oh, I love this song!” And I was like, “What the?” Then she told me it was “like the most popular song at school.”

macklemore and ryan lewis

Later that day when James got home I started playing the song. Just the intro to see what kind of a reaction it would get. You know, before Macklemore mentions the size of his you know what and before he drops any mutha f-bombs. And all be damned, within the first few seconds James was all, “I love this song!” Again, I was all, “What the?” He also said it was the most popular song at his school. I don’t know where they’re hearing this. Honestly though, I was listening to Eazy-E at that age, which is so much worse. Like way worse and I have no idea how I ever discovered that. But enough about Eazy and back to the main event.

This video has been viewed over 250 million times, which is more than impressive. Super fun video and great song. Check it out.

You might also want to take a look at this interview Macklemore and Ryan Lewis had with John Norris at SXSW. It’s great hearing artists talk about their work intelligently.

– Jeff

Music Monday, A Day Late…Again: Opposite Of Adults By Chiddy Bang


Oh, how I love Pandora! There are so many bands I would never have found out about had it not been for Pandora, including this one, Chiddy Bang.

Do you remember fourteen years ago when you bought a Sony Playstation for the sole purpose of playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater? Well, I do. If you are wondering what this has to do with Music Monday and Hip Hop sensation Chiddy Bang you need to work a little on your patience skills. Really, what’s the rush? I’ll fully explain, I promise. Plus, my tangents make for a more entertaining reading experience. This post is kind of like one of those Memento type movies that don’t make sense, but in the last thirty seconds all the loose ends are tied and you leave the theater thinking, “Wow! That was genius! Wait, what the hell just happened?” If you became obsessed with Tony Hawk Pro Skater like everybody else in the world, I mean, afterall, you did buy a $100 game console just to play one game…so yeah, if you didn’t become obsessed you really wasted a lot of money. We owed it to ourselves to get obsessed and deserved having our girlfriends leave us. The game was pretty addicting, like crack. It came as no surprise that when given the ultimatum of “do you choose me or that dumb video game”, we went with Tony Hawk Pro Skater every time, without hesitation. It was even more like crack in the way that playing the game normal didn’t give you the same high after awhile. You had to do more and more. First, you beat the game as Jamie Thomas, then Kareem Campbell, then you had to beat the game as Chad Muska and so on and so forth. Admit it, you even dedicated the time to beat the game as Elissa Steamer. This is where the high actually become a depressing low and the only way to get the high back was to find cheat codes. Now you’d do something like hold L at the pause screen and hit X, B, Up, left, left and then return to the character select screen. That nifty little code would unlock…wait for it. BIG HEAD MODE! Prepare to be dazzled because this is where it all ties together.

Chiddy Bang is totally in BIG HEAD mode for their “Opposite Of Adults” video!