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A Late Night With The Other Nocturnal Family Member

late night chillin' with pascal.

Pascal moved into my work studio a couple of weeks ago. We now keep each other company during the day and on these late night painting sessions. I’ve never been a pet person, but Pascal really won my heart. I mean, look at that smooshed up little face of his…seriously.

My night

This cart has really made my life easier. I love having all my supplies in one space. And it’s mobile so I never have to leave my chair. It’s a perfect marriage of artist laziness and workaholic effectiveness.

My night

Tonight, I’m finishing up the “Welcome to…” portion of this sign for Batch, a local ice cream sandwich shop. Very tasty and I highly recommend checking them out. The next step to this project is a 4′ x 6′ sign. I keep referring to it as menu board, but it’s not so much a menu board as it is a “call to action” board letting customers know the proper steps on how to order. More on that in a future post.

My night

Never a night goes by without music. I’ve been super into Hip Hop and Pandora (Kid Cudi Radio) ever since I got out of my Girl Talk, All Day phase. Seriously, I listened to that for months. With over 300 samples from so many genres of music it really is hard to get bored with.

And there you have it. That’s my night.

Sweet dreams!
– Jeff

Pascal Gets Artified

Pascal Stencil

Coral made this super awesome stencil of Pascal yesterday! And she says she isn’t an “artist”. Silly girl.

Pascal x 1,000

pascal the awesome

Pascal’s Peeps – animal themed art show

Pascal's Peeps - upcoming art show
Pascal's Peeps - upcoming art show

You’re all invited! Check out the FB Event page to RSVP.

Pascal The Wonder Bunny

Pascal The Super Bunny
This MTN “Fever Red” is one of my faves!

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