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First World Advantages On A Saturday

There are so many #firstworldproblems like Starbucks being sold out of gingerbread latte’s and the TV remote control batteries dying that I think it’s time to turn it around and point out our first world advantages. Like this, for example:

Enjoying a mixed bowl of Cocoa Puffs and Lucky Charms on a Saturday morning while playing on my iPad and taking a photo of it with my phone.

Good times!

I hope you all have a great weekend!
– Jeff

A Couple Photos Of Places That Make Yummy Treats

I just realized that for two days in row I happened to take a photo of something having to do with baking. Yesterday, I was at the donut shop getting my Thai iced tea fix and took this.

name this place and get a prize. the prize pat yourself on the back.

This morning I was at Batch and took this photo of their cookie depositing machine.

cookie depositing machine. behind the scenes at batch.

If I was more ambitious I could see turning this into some sort of series.

Happy Eating.
– Jeff

Sad Stuff On The Street

Super stoked that my photo of sad sidewalk gummi’s made it onto Sad Stuff On The Street. Also, I love the caption they came up with.

Thanks, Greg & Sloane!