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His Thing Is Huge

his thing is huge. i mean, this thing is huge...the statue.
His thing is huge. I mean, this thing is huge…the statue.

James was with me when I pulled off the road to take this picture and when I drove away I could tell he did not understand the humor behind taking a picture of “Big Johnson’s” Store. So, like a good father, I explained, “Johnson is another name for penis”. To which he replied, “Why did they start that.” I said I didn’t know, but that it was sort of an old-timey name for it.

Then we drove to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and he built a fort.

The Prescott YMCA Pool Is Ridiculous

at the prescott ymca

We’ve been to the pool twice already. The kiddie pool is sweet because it’s beach style, meaning you just walk right in. Elliott loves it. Coral loves it too. So much so that she never left it. Even Elliott ventured into the big kid pool. Hell, the little thrill seeker even rode down the water slide with me.

at the prescott ymca

at the prescott ymca

at the prescott ymca

Damn, I didn’t get any pictures of James or Evy at the pool. I had one of Evy attempting a dive off the diving board, but my timing was off and it looked more like she was standing on the edge of the board leaning over as if to contemplate jumping or heading back to the ladder.

Good times!

This Hot Cocoa Is Way Better Than That Crap I’ve Been Drinking At Starbucks: An Evening At The Raven Cafe In Prescott

the hot cocoa here is way better than that crap i've been drinking at starbucks.

Coral and I just ate dinner at The Raven Cafe. We ate upstairs and outside and watched the sun go down. The grandparents have the kids and have given us the opportunity to have a date night while we’re here in Prescott. I guess the “date” part is over because we’ve moved inside, grabbed our computers from the car, ordered hot cocoa’s and I’m typing this post as Coral edits photos. We’re also sharing a blueberry mousse. Actually, I haven’t had a bite of it yet. Coral may or may not be hogging it. You be the judge. Ok, I just had a bite and Coral can have the rest of it. Anyway…

This place is awesome. Great food. Great drinks. Free wifi. If you ever find yourself in Prescott I suggest you put The Raven Cafe on your “places to check out” list.

Oh, they also play great music. What music you ask? Well, they’re playing Arcade Fire right now, which means I don’t even have to put on my headphones to rock my favorite Pandora station.

See ya!
– Jeff

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