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Viva Paso Heatwave Sale Is In Full Effect

So yeah, it’s been H O T where we live. Yeah yeah yeah, I know if you live in Arizona or some desert place then coming to the 100 degree heat in Paso Robles is your version of “cooling off”, but it’s still pretty damn hot. The kind of hot where it’s just too uncomfortable outside and you’re better off staying indoors and parking your ass next to the air conditioning vent. Or on the vent! Anyway…

To encourage you to stay cool during the heat of the day we are having a HEATWAVE sale on our site. There’s really no need to melt or put yourself at risk of spontaneously combusting. Shop from home and take 20% off your entire order! Use code HEATWAVE during checkout at!

Happy shopping!
– Jeff

The Jeff Claassen 3rd Annual 24 Hour Art Sale

It’s that time again! It’s the 24 Hour Half Off Sale in my online shop. This marks the third September that I’ve done this, but it’s the first time that I’ve made A BUNCH OF STUFF specifically for the sale. I made 20 new paintings ranging in size from a business card to 6″ squares. I also have a lot of new limited edition prints available.

In total there are 189 products in my shop at the moment. All of them are 50% off for the next 24 hours.

Visit the shop at
During checkout enter discount code LUCKYME14 to receive the 50% off.

Thanks for looking and happy shopping!
– Jeff

The 2nd Annual Claassen 24 Hour Half Off Art Sale!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! EVERYTHING in my online shop is HALF OFF for the next 24 hours. Why? Because I love you, duh!

Remember, to receive 50% off your order you NEED to enter this coupon code during the checkout process: LUCKYME13

It’s just that easy.

The last 24 hours (between diaper changes, picking kids up from school and eating way too many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches) have been spent beefing up my shop with so many fresh artsy goodies it will make your head spin. At the time of this writing there are 187 available items. That’s everything from original paintings and limited edition prints to handmade wallets and sticker packs. This only happens once a year, so it’s a great chance to stock up on gifts at half off.

Honestly, I can’t thank all of you enough for the amount of support you’ve given me over the years. Thank you so much!

Happy Shopping!!!

– Jeff

The Dayler Story, Upcoming Makeover And A Sale To Boot

Years ago I created a line of wallets called DAYLER.

Dayler Banner

It started as a side project to do something creative other than painting. In fact, it was also intended to be an escape from my artwork. The original designs were all photos I had taken and manipulated in photoshop or were graphic designs I came up with using images I found.

Dayler Wallet - Fire Hydrant

Dayler Wallet - A Plethora Of Liberty Statues

I purposely left my “art” out of it. I sold them online and in my retail shop. It didn’t take too long before I started getting some wholesale accounts, which was very exciting for me. I’ve sent my wallets to Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, Florida, Ogden and Moab Utah, Amesbury Massachusetts, Australia and quite proudly the Honolulu Museum Of Art. One of the buyers from one of these shops that picked up my wallets was also a fan of my art and requested some wallets with my artwork. I guess it was inevitable that my art would end up being used on the wallets so I just rolled with it. I added card cases to the line for awhile, but eventually stopped because they wreaked havoc on the paper cutter I used to trim the edges of the cases. The vinyl was pretty thick on those things.

Dayler Card Case

Dayler Card Case

Dayler Card Case

I also made a few checkbook covers, but never really focused on them too much and mostly made them by request.

Dayler Checkbook Cover

Dayler Checkbook Cover

I’ve always thought the wallets could grow into something bigger, but I’ve never fully dedicated myself to them because it’s hard to juggle while being a full time painter. About a week ago Coral and I were talking about my inability to focus on one thing. Am I painter, a wallet creater or a candlestick maker? Then she started throwing design ideas at me and insisted I make a women’s wallet, which is something I’ve never made. She’s mentioned it before and I always resisted because girls have purchased my wallets. It’s just that Coral isn’t the type to carry a little square wallet. Let’s face it, she’s got a lot of shit to carry in her wallet and the ones I make simply don’t cut it. Something about what she was saying finally inspired me to try it out. I’ll have to admit, she has some super fantastic ideas. Also, she was very excited about contributing design ideas and giving my wallet line a complete overhaul. I pulled out a roll of vinyl, started cutting and sewing. I made about six different versions, making adjustments and adding improvements with each one. We finally arrived at a version that we’re both happy with. Now we’re working on some graphics and will do an official launch once we get a dozen or so designs under our belt.

That brings us to the topic of what to do with our remaining inventory.
The answer: SALE!

Yes, all Dayler products are on sale for the remainder of January. Don’t forget to enter the sale code during the checkout process. The code is DAYLER30 and orders can by placed in my etsy shop

As for the makeover, we are very excited to show it to all of you. Please be on the lookout. There are a couple of teaser pics on our new Instagram account. If you have yet to get addicted to Instagram like we have then check out our Tumblr, which is basically a feed of what we post on Instagram.

Yeah, there’s a Facebook Page too. You might even be the first to like it!

Thanks for reading!
– Jeff

Half Off Holiday Sale!

As a thank you to all of you for your continued support I am offering HALF OFF on all items in my etsy shop. Yes, all items!

The shop was down to 99 items yesterday so I relisted a bunch of stuff and also added 18 totally brand new items that have never been seen before in the shop. Here is the newest of the newbies.

King Octopi
“King Octopi”
8″ x 8″ – limited edition print of 50, signed and numbered on the back.
$80, plus shipping
To order, please visit:×8-limited-edition-of

King Octopi is my newest painting so I’m pretty stoked on it. The original is out of my hands and is available to purchase at Lumen Gallery.

Happy shopping!
– Jeff

SALE Art Books! Totally On The Cheap!

Art Books - Totally ON SALE!

Seriously, all these books are super awesome. And I’m not just saying that. I’ve kept copies for myself to add to my own personal collection. Anyway, it’s time to get rid of them and make space in the gallery for new products. Woohoo!

All of these are now priced at half off the cover price, which is anywhere between $8-$30.

Come by The Claassen Gallery and expand your book collection!
785 Marsh St
Suite B
San Luis Obispo CA 93401

See you soon!