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Flashback Friday #31

These are from Sketchbook #3, my 1998 sketchbook.

Page 4

Page 13

Page 17

Page 18

Page 27

– Jeff

Flashback Friday

I’m still flipping through Sketchbook #1 from 1997. Here’s three drawings for you to take a look at.

Sketchbook #1 - 1997

It looks like this was one of my drawings from a “stippling” phase. If I remember correctly the source material was a CK ad.

Sketchbook #1 - 1997

I’m a little hazy on this one, but I’m pretty sure it’s a drawing of Annie Lennox.

Sketchbook #1 - 1997

As for this little dude, I’m not sure what the source material was. I’m pretty sure I made up the face and I think I copied the suit and tie from a photo of Dali.

This concludes “Flashback Friday” this week. I hope you enjoyed it.
– Jeff