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Family Photo Adventure: California Valley, Carrizo Plain, Soda Lake…I Really Don’t Know What To Call This Place.

On our way to California Valley we saw pomegranates for sale with, what I call, an “honesty jar”.

I thought this was a cool sign, but I’m a total sucker for chipped paint. The unfortunate part to this sign is that this could totally be your dinner…

However, this gang of animal dinner was on private property and if you’ve ever been to California Valley I’m sure you’d agree with me that there is probably not a single resident there that would hesitate to hunt you if you were found on their property.

Don’t let the word “lake” throw you off. There was absolutely no water to be found anywhere. Leave your jet ski at home, people.

James tossing some of the crusty lake into the air. Elliott’s reaction…

Evelyn, the cartwheel queen. Her cartwheels eat your cartwheels for breakfast.


A rare sighting…Coral in front of the camera!

Please picture a skateboard under my feet or a villain’s head in front of my foot. Or both.

Elliott totally photobombed us. Classic Elliott.

Until next time!

*Oh yeah, I don’t remember exactly who took what photos. It’s a mix of Coral and I with the exception of one photo that Evy took. But here’s the thing, I’ll totally take credit for all the good ones.