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Making Our Shop Instagrammable And You Can Too

Yesterday, I uploaded a video to my YouTube Channel. Not a big deal when you consider the fact that 60 hours worth of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute. That’s a pretty staggering number when you think about it. With that much video to choose from it seems virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get anybody outside of your direct circle of friends and family to watch anything you put on YouTube. In fact, it’s even hard to get those people to watch a video. Anyway…that’s a whole other post that I will probably never write.

So, this video I posted took me forever to finish. It’s the editing and my inner struggle with overthinking, which I guess is not really “inner” since I’m talking about it. I bet there is a lot of people out there that struggle with overthinking, but that’s such a broad term. To really get down to the heart of the matter I’d say the real issue is choice paralysis. You might be familiar with that term already, but if not here is what Wikipedia says about it: “Choice paralysis is the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome. A decision can be treated as over-complicated, with too many detailed options, so that a choice is never made.”

I take pride in my spontaneity and often think of myself as the type of person that jumps off a cliff and builds his wings on the way down. Despite that philosophy, there are some things that creep in under the radar and wreck me. Editing this video was one of those things. Allow me to take you on a journey inside of my head. This will be a glimpse of the inner dialogue I have with myself. Of course, I have it with myself. It’s not like you can have “inner dialogue” with others, but you know what I mean and since I already typed that I don’t feel like crafting a new, more appropriate sentence. Also, the last three sentences were just a way to prepare you for what’s coming ahead. Ok, here we go. The inner conversation I had (with myself) about this damn video.

Just make a video about spray painting the floor. Plain and simple. No, there’s an opportunity here to make a “how to” video and “how to” videos can get lots of views. What am I going to title the video so it gets the most views? Should I talk in the video or keep it strictly just a video of me painting the floor with stencils? Maybe this could be about Instagram. Am I supposed to include a slideshow of what used to be painted on the floor? I should probably not talk. I sound like a total douche nozzle when I talk to the camera. Why am I so awkward in front of a camera? Ok, no talking. Just turn this video into something that is 60 seconds long so I can put it on Instagram. Or toss it into some sort of compilation video like I did at Christmas. Who is this video for anyway? If it’s only painting the floor then maybe only fans of my artwork will want to watch. And if it’s more of a how to video then fans of my artwork will probably have no interest in watching, but it might get some views from people that are totally outside of my circle. Shit, man…I really have no idea what to do with this thing. It’s not like I can upload 4 different versions of the same footage just so I can attempt to please every possible person that might click the play button. That would be stupid. Why can’t I just decide?!?! ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

So, that is what was going on in my head every single time I sat down to edit this thing and it reminds me of this painting I made back in 2001.

(This dude’s head is about to explode with all that stuff going on in there.)

I’ve been attempting to edit this video since February. Despite how long it’s taken me you would expect a masterpiece, which it is clearly not. If I could just manage to harness the spontaneity I have with painting and apply that towards video editing, then this would have been uploaded months ago. In the end, it worked out fine and that delay in editing gave me the opportunity to collect photos on Instagram that people tagged Viva Paso on. Because of all of those IG tags and shout outs something really cool ended up happening and that became the deciding factor on what direction to take this video. Well, if I haven’t bored you to tears yet here is what this blog post is all about…sharing this video with you. Enjoy!

If the video doesn’t play for you then try this link.

This is the part where I ask for a little favor. If you know anybody that might find this video interesting or helpful in someway, please share it with them. You can copy and paste the following link into a text message, email or even paste the link onto their Facebook page.

Any of those things will help spread the word.
Thanks for watching! And reading.

– Jeff

Elliott Immortalized As Public Art

elliott in a box

Our little monster has been immortalized on San Luis Obispo property (legally) by Stenzskull as part of the city’s “Box Art Project”.

I sent Stenzskull the above three photos as source material. His idea for his box was portraits of people confined within the parameters of the box. A baby seemed fitting. Especially ours since he has an obsession with crawling in boxes. He’ll even remove drawers from the dresser, drop them on the ground and then sit in it. Yeah, he’s a weirdo.

elliott immortalized as public art

The finished product is so awesome! I’m tempted to say “epic”, which has become quite overused among the cool kids lately, so I’ll resist the temptation. Coral and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I mean, our son is painted on a freaking electrical box! It’s pretty sweet, if you ask me.

A huge thanks and shout out to our good friend and fellow artist, Stenzskull, for his amazing work. Thanks, homie!

If you want to see this in person the box is on the corner of Santa Rosa and Mill St in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

Time To Get Artsy With Stencils

I’m happy to announce that The Claassen Gallery now has stencils for sale! People ask all the time if we sell pre-cut stencils and we can finally answer, “Yes, we do!”

I think stencils are one of best and easiest way for people to get into making art, so this book is perfect for anybody that wants to try their hand at getting artsy. Of course, I encourage you to start making your own stencils at some point, but this book is a highly recommended place to start.

Stencil 101
Stencil 101 by Ed Roth

Come by the shop and check it out!

The Claassen Gallery
785 Marsh St
San Luis Obispo CA 93401
days of operation: Tue-Sat 12-6pm

Pascal Gets Artified

Pascal Stencil

Coral made this super awesome stencil of Pascal yesterday! And she says she isn’t an “artist”. Silly girl.

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