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James And Evy Spinning Stop Motion

This is the second stop motion video I made using Frameographer for iPhone. Like the last one I posted, this is best thought of as a preliminary sketch for something greater.

My main goal was to get the kids interested in making their own stop motion movies. Since the process is tedious and time consuming and children have zero to little patience my theory was that if I put them in a movie and they thought the result was cool or funny then they would learn that all the effort was worth it when you see the final result. Lucky for me, it worked. James has become addicted to making stop motion movies. Evy has made some too. Not quite with the same enthusiasm as James, but it’s been awesome watching both of them get excited about being creative with the camera.

Eventually, I’ll get around to posting some of their movies on here.

Thanks for watching!
– Jeff

Just A Little Stop Motion

the tools for...

This was the first stop motion video I made back in September using the Frameographer app. I know it’s nothing special. I think of it as a preliminary sketch to a brilliant masterpiece.

Yeah, we’ll see what happens in the future with these stop motion thingies. I have a few more that I might be posting over the next couple of days.

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