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Awesome Or Pathetic? I’m Leaning Toward Awesome.

First off, research tells us that blog posts with a photo are much more engaging than those without. So, here’s a photo of my little monster that has absolutely nothing at all to do with my topic of ordering Thai food.

Ok, the other day, Friday to be exact, was my day to sit in the studio. It’s a 12-9 shift and I almost ALWAYS order from Thai Classic at some point during my studio shift. Here’s a reenactment, to the best of my memory, of how that phone call went.

“Thai Classic.”
“Hi, I’d like to place an order for pick up?”
“What would you like?”
“Pad See-Yew with Beef. No spicy.”
“For Jeff, right?”
“And Thai iced tea?”

Aww…they know me so well. I love Thai Classic!

And you should love them too. They have two spots on the Central Coast.
1212 Park St in downtown Paso Robles
1011 Higuera St in downtown San Luis Obispo


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