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Things I Love Thursday: Not Getting Stabbed In The Face

This happened a couple of nights ago. I understand that this is a “Things I Love THURSDAY” post, but it’s taken a couple of days of reflection to fully appreciate that I am still alive. As you know, I am a big fan of the Automated Postal Center because it works nice with my schedule, which basically means being productive at night after all the kids have gone to bed. Before I made the trek to the post office I sent Coral a “goodbye, I’ll be home soon” text.

text message

She never responded because she fell asleep on the couch. And she’s lucky because imagine how bad she would have felt if a mustached man did stab me in the face. The really sad part though would be that my death would have totally been in vain because I didn’t even accomplish what I left the house to do, thanks to the dumb machine at the post office.

well ain't that a bitch...

Yeah, I would try later, except for I got stabbed in the face, jerk!

I wonder if my mustached murderer would have stolen the package I was trying to mail. How long would my customer have waited before sending me a “Where’s my package, asshole” email? Also, I wonder if Coral would eventually find the email and write the customer back saying something like, “I apologize for the inconvenience of your package not arriving in a timely manner. Because of your order Jeff was stabbed in the face by a mustached man while trying to ship your package using the super convenient Automated Postal Center, that happens to double as a death trap as well as a great way to mail things after hours. We will return your money never because burial costs are crazy expensive and it’s partially your fault we had to bury the guy anyway. Thank you.”

Things I Love Thursday: How To Make Moss Graffiti

How To Make Moss Graffiti
(view bigger illustration here)

I did not come up with this idea. A friend posted about this on the FB, so I googled it and found some more info about it. The illustration is probably good enough, but this post on is much more in depth:

And, of course, an accompanying video.


Things I Love Thursday: Getting Cute Emails From My Lady

Yesterday I got this email from Coral. No subject and no words in the body of the email. Just this…

elliott and his mama

and it was the best email I got all day.

Things I Love Thursday: Design F Ups

what is wrong with this picture?

I’m not a professional designer by any means, but I am pretty sure that this dude’s legs should be the same color as his arms and face. How did this go unnoticed when it’s on the cover of a magazine? I’m not sure, but I love it.

Things I Love Thursday: Haida Art

Killer Whale Drum by Alano Edzerza
“Killer Whale Drum”
by Alano Edzerza

Haida are the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America. I don’t know much about them, but I do know that I am absolutely fascinated with their artwork. I’ve always been a sucker for bold lines and solid colors. And The Haida People are masters at it.

Wolf Drum by David Robert Boxley
“Wolf Drum”
by David Robert Boxley

Back in the summer of 2000 I embarked on a solo road trip from where in live on the Central Coast of California all the way to up Vancouver Canada. This was before I owned a digital camera. Somewhere I have a shoebox full of photos from that trip and in those photos I have some Haida Totem Poles that I came across. Back then I knew I liked the artwork, but I didn’t investigate to find out anything about it. It was just a couple of weeks ago that I actually learned the term “Haida” and ever since I’ve been scrolling through Flickr and Google Images trying to satiate my appetite for Pacific Northwest Art.

Haida art Under the Granville Bridge
Photo by Brian Dubois

Haida Art 1
Photo by Paul Turner

Eagle Dancer by Alano Edzerza
“Eagle Dancer”
by Alano Edzerza

I could easily post a lot more, but the discovery is part of the fun, so if you’d like to see more just check out the links on the post.

– Jeff

Things I Love Thursday: Whatever You Like By Anya Marina

For some reason I’m totally addicted to this song by Anya Marina at the moment. Ok, I’ll be honest, the addiction has been going on for a good three weeks. It flew into my life, magic carpet style, from the land of Pandora.

If you care to sing along, like I do, visit

Oh yeah, this is actually a cover song. Here’s the original by T.I.

Things I Love Thursday: The New Times Best Of SLO Readers Poll 2011

Thanks SLO County for voting me “best local artist” two years in a row!
I love you all!

Things I Love Thursday: My Mom, For Keeping My Transformers

As you know, last Sunday was Mother’s Day. Like many awesome sons I spent the day at my parents house. It was a nice relaxing day. At some point I mentioned that I wanted to crawl around the attic to see if my old baseball mitt was up there. It had been years since I’d been up there and before I embarked on the adventure my Mom said that it might not be up there and to take a look in the closet in the garage. I’m not sure why there is a closet in the garage, but that’s ok. Mom, Dad, and myself headed to the garage and on the top shelf in the closet was a bag full of…

(I think the dump truck might be a Go Bot.)

The highlight of the loot was the Transformers (and one possible Go Bot). These beauties are twenty seven years old, people! I know what you’re thinking and they are not worth $1000’s on ebay. Trust me. Now my kids get to play with them which is way cooler than selling the treasures of my youth for $6, plus shipping.

Oh, how I wished I had the ghetto blaster Transformer now! Uhh…not for me…for my kids. Geez.

Scattered amongst the loot were a couple of M.A.S.K. dudes too.

I totally forgot about M.A.S.K. until I saw these guys. I remember thinking they were awesome, but I couldn’t remember why. This video, however, will show you why.

Thanks, Mom!

Things I Love Thursday: The Fat Cap Chair

I just came across this awesome product and would bet money that every spray paint enthusiast would want one of these. I already sent an email to the company to see if I could be a retailer. It would be super awesome to have these available in the gallery. The thing is it’s big and from The Netherlands, so shipping is probably a bitch.

Things I Love Thursday: Puberty

No names have been changed to protect anybody’s identity in the following story.

The Players:
James, 11 year old boy
Evelyn, 9 year old girl
Jeff, the adult (he’s older than you think, but looks like a guy slightly above the legal drinking age. At least that’s what he’s been told and he finds no reason to dispute the claim.)

The following conversation took place while driving from school to work on a cloudy afternoon.

James: Is puberty a bad word?”
Jeff: Nope. Not at all.
Evelyn: Gross!
Jeff: Why gross? It’s just part of growing up.
James: Yeah, Evy.
Evelyn: It’s gross because that’s when hair grows on your peepee.
Jeff: Well yeah, but everybody has to go through it.
Evelyn: I don’t want puberty to happen to me. I just want boobs. I don’t want the other thing.

Things I Love Thursday: Hello Again Monsters

I’m a sucker for handmade things. Not all of them, of course. Because let’s face it…regretsy. However, there are some handmade goodies that surpass all expectations of awesomeness. Let me introduce you to Hello Again Monsters!

These little dudes are made with sprinkles of magic by Romiette Lindsley in the lovely city of Seattle.

See more in her etsy shop.
And if you love them like I do you’ll become a fan on Facebook.

– Jeff

*all photos in the post were snatched from Romi’s etsy shop. I’m sure she won’t mind.

I’m trying something new this week! What do you love this Thursday?

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Things I Love Thursday: My Lovey Dovey Bathroom

My Princess Darling Pants had a explosion of cuteness in the bathroom. Like an earthquake, the first hit was huge with a few aftershocks here and there.