Happy Birthday, Fatty Baxter!

Have you heard of “regifting“? This is kind of like that, but instead of receiving a gift and then giving the gift to somebody else I returned it back to the original giver. Awhile back my friend Matt (check out his awesome creations at baxtermoerman.com) gave me this skateboard that he had made. He knows I like to paint on stuff and he wasn’t going to do anything with it, so naturally I was happy to take it when he offered. It’s been laying around in the gallery for awhile in the “things to paint” pile. Well, lo and behold, I’m on facebook the other day and see lots of “Happy Birthday, Matt!” comments. Right then and there I decided to regift the skateboard to him for his birthday, but not before I embellished it a little bit.

Fatty Baxter

Happy Birthday, Matt!


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