Things I Love Thursday: Photo Walks

If you don’t know it already, kids love cameras. They really do. Since I have a new camera that means the kids now get to use my old one. The good old trusty Sony Cybershot. That little camera has been good to me over the years and I’m happy to see that it won’t be retired just because I upgraded.

On Monday afternoon we were all in the bedroom. Coral and Evy were working on a school project (BORING) while James and I were bugging them (FUN) and messing around with our cameras.

Seeking more excitement James and I decided to go outside strapped with our cameras.

Yes, that’s a piece of sourdough hanging out of his mouth.

This is my shot of Bubble Gum Alley. By the time I got my hands on the Sony James had already deleted his alley shots, which is a bummer because he had found a series of photos stuck to gum on the wall. So yeah, he had photos of photos. Now gone forever.

James got this shot of our shadows on the wall. Thinking about it now, I’m not sure how I feel about him holding the camera with only one hand with the creek right below us. Oh, I guess if he dropped it I could just toss him over the rail to get it. It’s only about an eighteen foot drop into water twelve inches deep.

One with Mother Nature, James was able to get pretty close to these pigeons.

But alas, they flew away.

The next two shots are by James.

I didn’t know ducks frequented the creek, but we saw a couple of them cruising around.

I love odd placement street art, so I had to take a picture.

When James took this picture of the tree he realized that walking around with a camera opens your eyes to new things and to really observing your surroundings from a different perspective. This realization came about because he had never noticed how green the leaves of this tree were before.

While he was finding beauty in a tree I was finding it in this mishmash of pipes in an odd corner complete with Stalk tag.

Not to worry, James found some street art too!

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