DIY’ers: Put Your Facebook About Page To Work

Here’s a little idea I thought of yesterday. I noticed my Facebook “About” page is pretty boring. Honestly though, I like it that way. I have no desire to list schools I’ve attended, jobs I’ve had, religious and political views, etc. My stalkers should have to do a little more leg work than simply looking at my facebook page. Right?

Then it hit me, I can list all the places where my artwork can be purchased in the “Work and Education” section.

Take a look:

facebook about page

If you’re an artist you can use this page to list any galleries you’re featured in. If you own a clothing/jewelry/etc line, you can use this to list all the shops that carry your goods.

For us independent artists/designers/DIY’ers I think this is a great way to better utilize your About page on Facebook. Although I sprinkle personal posts with ones to promote my business the main reason I’m on FB is business so there is no reason to list all of my past places of employment.

This utilization of the About page goes hand in hand with my theory of “being synonymous with your craft“.

Thoughts, opinions, ideas? I’d love to hear them. Please use my Contact page to send them over.

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Thanks for looking!
– Jeff

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