James Prefers Fashion Over Function

james. looking cool.

Something magnificent happened the other day. James got caught doing something ridiculous. When I say ridiculous what I mean is that he got caught doing something so stupid I laughed out loud and thought, “Oh my Gosh, is this kid serious?”

Like any 12 year old kid stuck at home on a summer day, James wanted to get outside and do something. Maybe buy a candy bar or meet up with some little girlfriend or whatever. He was all dressed and ready to go. Proudly sporting his new black shoes and despite the summer weather he donned a beanie atop his little head. So, the kid likes to be fashionable before functional. We can let that slide. At least in the case of a beanie. If an itchy sweaty head is the cost of being cool and he’s willing to pay that price, so be it. Everything else he was wearing seemed alright, but I had no idea what I was about to uncover.

“Ok,” I said. “You can go out and walk around town, but I want you back here in an hour.” He had his headphones around his neck so I had naturally assumed his iPod would be attached to them and was in his pocket, which is great because there is a clock on the iPod allowing him to check the time and not be home late. I didn’t know what time it was so I asked to see his iPod to check the time for myself. And that is when the ridiculousness exposed itself.

There was no iPod in his pocket. The cord to his headphones were not attached to anything at all. I looked over at Coral and just started laughing.

The headphones around his neck were merely a prop. To look cool, I suppose. Fashion over funcion. When our laughing stopped Coral made him take off the headphones and instructed him to leave them home. Looking back on it now that was a big mistake on our part. We should have let him keep them on because it would have been much more embarrassing for him if he did see a friend and they asked him what he was listening to. At least I was able to get this photo of him and write about it.

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2 Responses to “James Prefers Fashion Over Function“

  1. Lauren says:

    Classic James! When he was into his wool hat and pleather jacket, he claimed he was freeeeezing in the hottest day of the year… In pursuit of a “look”, despite his sweaty head, face and everything else I’m sure…. I just shook my head and counted our blessings that he wasn’t into Goth!

  2. jeff says:

    haha! pleather jacket in arizona does not sound like a good idea for an overactive sweaty little boy. i suppose if you want to look good you have to make some sacrifices.