James: Vanity Issues, Disrespect And A Lack Of Common Sense


I find myself asking questions like, “Does this kid have any common sense? How, at 12 years old, does he not know that this is wrong and disrespectful?”

Let’s face it, we’ve eaten in the car plenty of times. I would assume, at this point, that James knows how fast food in the car works. You get a bag of food. Mom distributes the food accordingly to the different passengers. The passengers eat the food. Then all the food wrappers go back in the bag from which they came. I would assume that all members of the family, if not the entire population of America, would be conditioned to this fast food ritual. And if they didn’t learn this behavior by repeatedly doing it I am sure that they would come up with it on their own by the time they reach age 12. But no. Not our James.

kids have no respect

He is perfectly content leaving a pile of greasy trash stuffed into the door handle of my car.

Part of me is almost willing to accept that behavior as “ok”, but there’s a catch. It might be acceptable if the trash is removed when the car stops at our destination and is disposed of in a trash can. Unfortunately, this doesn’t even cross his mind. Would you like to know what he did instead? Oh, I’m sure you would. He high tailed it into the house and pretended he was throwing up because he “ate too much” and therefore could not help unload the car after our weekend getaway. Now picture a family of five and how packed a car might be when that family leaves town for the weekend. Yeah, thanks for helping, buddy. Also, you are welcome for the yummy In-N-Out dinner as well as the bag full of new clothes we bought you at Target on the way home.

After hearing his “too sick” excuse it took all of my will power to not ram my finger down my own throat and throw up on top of his head while yelling, “You mean you threw up like this!” Instead, I confiscated his iPod and scrolled through it for embarrassing blog worthy material. Thankfully, his camera roll delivered the goods.


I especially love the “hand going through hair” and “hand behind head” poses. I’m pretty sure he thinks he is pulling off this look exactly.


Well, he isn’t.

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