Weekend Art Challenge: Turkey Hand

Thanksgiving is fast approaching so the challenge this weekend is a festive one. I challenge you all to draw or paint a turkey hand. Yes, a turkey hand! Just like you did in grade school. I’ve painted a turkey hand for the last two years and am such a procrastinator that I never posted my 2011 one until now.

turkey hand painting

This is all in good fun, so feel free to draw, paint, collage, stamp, silkscreen, cut & sew, etc.

At the end of the weekend I will feature all the turkey hands on this blog.

This “weekend art challenge” thing is new for me so I’m learning and creating as I go. This time around I’ve created a Facebook Event, which can be found at http://www.facebook.com/events/123518227804721. To get your turkey hand featured on the blog you must submit your image on that event page. First, “join” the event. Then simply post your image as you would a normal comment/status update on the event page. Just use the “add photo” option. Last week I had people send me images by twitter, instagram, facebook comment, facebook private message, email and text message. It was far too much to keep track of so this is my attempt at streamlining the process to make it easier for me.

I encourage you to add your images to instagram as well. If you do, please use the tag #weekendartchallenge

Also, if you would like to spread the word about this please do so by sharing this blog post (copy/paste this for a direct link: http://jeffclaassen.com/blog/2012/11/weekend-art-challenge-turkey-hand/ ) or the FB event (http://www.facebook.com/events/123518227804721) on any of your social media streams.

Feel free to use this image to help promote.

Weekend Art Challenge #2

I am excited to see what all of you come up with.

Gobble Gobble,

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