Stump Painting Is The New Street Art

One of my new favorite things to paint is tree stumps. As you know, painting on wood is my media of choice and it doesn’t get more raw and natural than painting on a piece of wood that is still connected to the soil. Awhile back I saw a tree with a cut off branch and it looked like the perfect thing to paint one of my faces on.

I think these are a lot of fun to paint, but one really nice thing is to paint for the sake of painting every once in awhile. When you paint for a living it’s hard not to think about selling the things you make and it’s a nice change of pace to paint purely for the fun of it. It makes me feel like a teenager again. Not in a nostalgic way, but more in the “I don’t give an F” kind of way and that’s always a good feeling.

Putting something out in the world for your own personal pleasure and for others to enjoy when they happen upon it is a very good thing.

If you’re in my neck of the woods and have some stumps in your yard that could use a little color I’m totally open to commission work. Let me know!

– Jeff


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