Just A Few Things I’m Working On

Sometimes getting work done on Saturday can be tricky when you have two teenagers, a toddler and a 20+ item to-do-list. If you find yourself in a similar situation here is my parenting advice: ignore ALL of them and do what you want. Duh, right?

Yeah, I wish it was that easy. Somehow my daughter convinced me to drive her to a friend’s house 20 minutes away at 9 o’clock this morning. On my sleep in day, no less. Anyway, between playing taxi driver, bike mechanic and doctor (the toddler is a bit under the weather at the moment) I was able to get a few things done. Coral and I sort of took turns playing doctor. She got dirty doing yard work while I watched Elliott and then I got dirty painting while she watched him. Amongst other artsy business work like putting wire on the backs of paintings and making a post office run I am happy to say I started a few new paintings too.

Despite looking kind of pink in the photo, I assure you this is a very vibrant red.

This is the beginnings of a “fat bird” painting that I hope to have available in the online shop within a day or two.

And a full page sketchbook spread, which I will finish as soon as I’m done posting this blog.

I’m not sure if you like seeing paintings half way done, but I’ve always been a “behind-the-scenes” fan so I think they can be interesting. Also, I probably like behind-the-scenes stuff because I have stalker tendencies. Nothing you should worry about though. It’s not like I’m standing right outside your window watching you read this. Just kidding, I’m totally standing outside your window.

Be on the lookout in a day or two for a post where I’ll show you all of these completed. Since I, unfortunately, procrastinate from time to time let’s just consider “a day or two” to mean anything in the range from 1 day to 13 days. You know, just to play it safe.

See you soon!
– Jeff

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