Coming Soon – New Screen Print Edition, Sneak Peek

I spent the weekend working on a new edition of prints. It’s a very small edition of 10. The official launch time is 12pm on Jan. 19, 2022. Here is a little sneak peek at 2 of the prints.

Each print has a totally different spray painted background. It’s so fun making prints like this because each one is essentially an original. They all have the same main character printed over an abstract background. To keep the edition cohesive I only used three colors: turquoise, lime green, and black. I used stencils for some and others I did some free hand spray painting.

Here’s a quick 33 second preview to show you a little bit of the process.

This will be the second “Art Drop” for 2022 and this time around it’s going to be a bundle that all focuses on my “Responsibility Is For Losers” character. The bundle includes one limited edition print, an enamel pin, and a sticker. The pin has never been available online before. I’ve been holding onto it for awhile because I knew I wanted to do something other than just a random “check out this new pin” announcement. I just didn’t know what until this screen print idea hit me a few days ago.

This drop will be happening on the Viva Paso site. I hope you like the new edition as much as I liked making it. And please keep in mind, there are only 10, so if you see one you like get it before it’s too late.

See you tomorrow!
– Jeff


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