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Krink Shipment Just Arrived!

It’s an exciting time around the gallery because we’ve been stocking up for Christmas. Yesterday we received our shipment of KRINK markers. We restocked some old favorites and also picked up some new goodies to keep things fresh.

Krink K-71

Yes, it’s the classic K-71, which we all know and love. This is the first time we’ve ever had it available in orange.
K-71 Marker – $8 each
available colors: black, orange, cyan, silver, purple and red.

Krink K-60

The ever popular K-60. Tons of fun, lots of drips. Personally, I’ve always had a fondness for bold lines so if you’re anything like me you’re going to love this marker.
K-60 Marker – $10 each
available colors: blue, orange, silver, black, red and metallic green.

Krink K-12

Yes! It’s the new K-12’s! We’ve never had these available in the gallery before. It’s still a pretty new product for KRINK and it’s been a big hit, so we’re excited to get them in here. If you’ve ever used those Presto white out pens (which are awesome, by the way), but wished you could get them in something other than white now you can, thanks to KRINK.
K-12 Marker – $7 each
available colors: black, silver, red and purple.

As always, thanks for looking! We have a lot of other new goodies that we’ll try to post as soon as possible.

The Claassen Gallery is located at:
785 Marsh St
SLO CA 93401

And is open Tue-Sat 12-6pm.

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